Automatic lubrication system for solid lubricants with PTFE belts

Larger part of the present day businesses utilize transport lines for transporting crude materials and completed items. Transport lines incorporate chains which require legitimate oil. A powerful oil framework guarantees longer chain life, expanded rate of creation and lesser cost of vitality.

There are essentially two choices to grease up these chains which incorporate the strong film oil and the fluid film oil. A great many people want to utilize strong grease as it can withstand high temperature and devours less oil. It additionally offers insurance against wear and tear. It is very hard to apply strong ointments as the technique requires manual application. Manual application of the oils, with splash jug and brush, is conceivable however it is related with different pitfalls.

Manual application of oils can represent a few threats and probably the most critical drawbacks incorporate the accompanying.

High Temperature:

One of the inconveniences related with these chains is its high temperature. Consequently it is very risky to apply these oils physically as the chains have a high temperature.

Uneven Application:

Another trap of manual application is uneven application. It is fundamental to apply it equitably as a lot of application can prompt smoke and too less application can make the chains wear inside a brief timeframe.


It is likewise basic to know when to re-apply the oils.

Rectify Application:

Solid ointments must be shook a long time before applying it on the surfaces of the chain, generally the strong shape will hold at the base.

In any case, today present day innovation has prompted the development of programmed application of oil frameworks. This framework incorporates a fluid transporter which applies the strong ointment. The framework additionally incorporates pumps and repositories to exchange and convey the oil in measured amounts with the goal that it is equally connected. Stainless steel brushes are utilized for its even application on all sides of the chains.

Diverse items are utilized on these chains which fluctuate as indicated by the temperature of the chains. Every one of these items can be utilized as a part of programmed frameworks and it guarantees ideal execution, bring down cost of vitality and upgraded rate of generation.

The sold oils are accessible in various arrangements which incorporate distinctive properties. The absolute most generally utilized materials incorporate copper, graphite, PTFE BELTS et cetera. Every one of these materials is comprehensive of various properties which upgrade the execution of machines. Delicate metals, for example, copper incorporate temperature dependability. It additionally incorporates high load conveying limit. Be that as it may, it can from time to time be utilized for stainless steel metals with a temperature of more than 1000 degree C.

Graphite solids are likewise broadly utilized for grease as it incorporates different gainful elements. It has high temperature security, fantastic grease in sticky climate conditions and assurance against erosion.

PTFE BELTS is one of the man-made materials which incorporate low surface pressure. It has a decent concoction resistance which is one of its most alluring components. It has a decreased ability to convey loads. It is dismal oil which is generally utilized as a part of a large portion of the ventures.

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