ANIL UZUN Starts A Petition to Urge Governments to Invest in Sustainable Tourism Development

ANIL UZUN calls for action by starting a petition to create an impact and raise awareness in governments to invest in sustainable tourism development. You can find the petition link at the personal website of ANIL UZUN:

ANIL UZUN is an inspiring and purposeful traveler and he wants to create a positive change in travel by calling on governments to accelerate social and economic recovery by investing in Sustainable Tourism Development as part of their national recovery and resilience plans. 

“I know the governments are trying to put in force development plans to rebuild their countries after the pandemic, and they are trying to implement tourism-related reforms. I want the governments to develop digital and green transitions for tourism for both economic and social resilience.” says ANIL UZUN.

Post-COVID recovery and resilience plans are put into action to implement reforms and investments that will create a sustainable environment for tourism and to continue to create jobs, foster cohesion and build the path towards a sustainable recovery.

“I urge the people to support me on the petition and sign it asap.” ANIL UZUN says. 

You can find the petition link at the personal website of ANIL UZUN:

Who is ANIL UZUN? 

ANIL UZUN is a travel enthusiast, and what he loves the most is to travel with his loved ones. In short, he loves to make the most out of life. ANIL UZUN started traveling when he was very young. In 2007, he began to take notes of his trips and created a travel journal. He has been traveling all around the world for about 13 years.

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