This Fintech CEO Wants to Make Access to Financial Services a Human Right

For a decade and more, Finflux has been the financial technology backbone of some of the most progressive Microfinance, Banks, NBFC, Lending FinTech companies globally.  Finflux vision is to create affordable and equitable financial access to businesses and individuals all around the world. While this company has done an impressive job so far, its goal is to reach out and assist 100 million borrowers in the next decade!

Finflux is a SaaS technology platform to democratize lending.  Finflux products include loan origination, loan management, underwriting, collection, mobility, and analytics.  On the eve of its tenth anniversary, Finflux CEO Nayan Ambali said, “Every loan has a story; every loan has a dream.  Lending when done right can transform individuals, families, communities, and countries. However, today the cost of delivering financial solutions is very high. It makes it difficult for microfinance, cooperative banks, and Non-Banking financial institutions to reach all of its potential customers.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, published by the United Nations, has 30 articles; none of these articles focus on financial access.  Equitable access to financial services is a fundamental necessity for human well-being.  However, despite rapid digitization, there is a big void of technology solutions that can make loan origination, loan disbursement, and collections affordable to financial institutions.  Finflux goal is to reduce the transaction cost of lending and make access to financial services ubiquitous.  

“Our goal is to make financial access a Human Right.  We have engineered the Finflux business model to affordable technology to our customers in a profitable manner. Finflux technology and usage-based pricing model enables organizations to adopt and deliver digital solutions at a fraction of the cost.  By lowering the transaction cost, we enable our customers to deliver loans at a much lower rate to their borrowers.” – Nayan Ambali, CEO of Finflux.

Over the years, Finflux has served institutions and individuals all around the world by democratizing lending.  The Bangalore-based company is profitable and has built a strong client base, and continues to serve over 60 financial institutions internationally, with over 4.5 million borrowers active on its platform.  Financial institutes have disbursed over USD 9 billion in loan amounts to their borrowers through the Finflux cloud platform.  

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About Finflux

Finflux is a cloud lending platform to accelerate lending business transformation. Finflux cloud includes a comprehensive suite of products that help manage the entire loan lifecycle.  Finflux customers include non-banking financial institutions (NBFC), Microfinance, SACCOs, Banks, FIs, Fintechs, Business Correspondents, Aggregators in the origination process, Agent networks, and many more.   

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