How Wind, A Pioneering App For Booking, Is Moulding The Future Of Small Businesses And Side Hustles

A Tampa Bay start-up is gaining immense popularity for their simple 3 step instant booking platform where users can hire any type of person to person service someone can think of.

What is Wind?

Wind is a community-connecting platform that’s completely free for users to list their skills, services or side hustle and get discovered by other people in their area who need their services.

No more calling to make appointments, no more back and forth about times, no more mystery about the prices people charge, Wind allows users to find out everything they need to know about a service provider in one profile view, and book appointments instantly.

Features of Wind

The in-app features go above and beyond in every single way. An easy one tap solution to every possible scenario, carefully thought out by the creator of the app Alan Pinto.

Wind allows people to seamlessly find exactly what they’re looking for. Whether they need a service at a specific price, or they wish to find a very niche industry, they’ll be able to find it with Wind.

The home page of the app displays suggested services in the user’s area. When they tap on a specific icon, they can filter freelancer results by various metrics, whether it be price, distance, or rating. This means they can filter by what matters to them the most. Happy to pay a little more for a top rated service provider? Or perhaps they just need the cheapest option in the area. Wind makes this a simple and quick search.

Users can search through pictures of previous work from the service providers, read their reviews, and check out all their prices and services. If they have any questions which aren’t answered within the profile, they can message the service provider directly before booking.

Once they have decided which freelancer is the right one for the job, users can add the service to their cart, select their preferred date and time, and just like that, their appointment is booked. It’s really that simple.

How Wind will help shape the future of American jobs

Alan laid out his vision of the future, “Study after study is coming out saying that automation will eliminate about 30-40% of jobs in the US. Automation is coming and it’s coming fast. Robots are going to be replacing humans, putting 1/3 Americans out of a job. It’s going to change everything. I believe this will force a huge boom in the service, skills and trade industry. More people will start learning how to be mechanics, cut hair, do nails, detail cars these are industries that are going to be safe from automation for a while, as they’re too complicated for robots to do.”

There is a growing ambition in the younger generations of not having a 9-5, working for yourself and being your own boss. Wind serves and fulfills this ambition. The platform not only fits perfectly into the future, but shapes and LEADS the future of freelancers, small businesses and side hustles.

Impressed? Well, Wind is also co-signed by Tampa Bay Bucs players, popular Tik Tokers, and well known YouTubers all with a combined audience of over 19 million followers. Wind’s connections and favorability with big social media influencers is making strides towards the new app to become an industry leader in the tech space.

Catch the Wind, and Soar Above the Clouds.

Wind will be going live on the App Store on May 1st 2021, in a closed beta for the Tampa Bay area in Florida. However, keep your eyes peeled, as Wind will be coming to your area soon.

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