Orchid Gene Makes Hands-Free Blooms a Possibility

Specialty terrariums mean no hassle and no maintenance.

Many people appreciate beautiful flowers but have a difficult time growing them. That’s where Orchid Gene comes in. Their team has developed specialty products under the brand Bloomify, which makes growing even hard to care for plants easier than ever.

Plant biologist Dr. Hsichuan Chen is a lifelong plant enthusiast and student to gardening. Realizing the struggles that many people have when it comes to growing plants, he set out to create stress free method by which people of all gardening skill sets could successfully grow and enjoy live plants.

The award winning concept behind Orchid Gene is a terrarium that uses a special gel medium as opposed to soil. The plants grow within this specially designed soil and become self-growing, requiring no watering and no fertilizer. Plants have temperature and heat endurance to make them even hardier. Even hard to grow plants, such as orchids and carnivorous plants, become maintenance free.

These live plant terrariums use designs based on plant tissue culture. “We have our patented formula to grow plants in solid gel,” said Dr. Chen. “With the technology, carnivorous plants, flowers, and orchids can thrive for 6 months to a year in their sterile terrariums without the need for food or water.”

Factors such as plant size, flower life, blooming frequency, and tolerance to various environment conditions, can all be controlled within the special terrariums. Orchid Gene is turning heads everywhere with their patented technology and fresh take on gardening made easy.

To date, the technology from Bloomify has been featured on Buzzfeed on three different occasions as Amazon must have products. Their team won an entrepreneurship contest by NC IDEA in North Carolina. One of the Orchid Gene products was an Amazon best seller in 2020, and their orchid terrarium even won second place in an orchid show.

Anyone who enjoys growing and looking at beautiful flowers, as well as anyone who wants to give the gift of stress free beautiful flowers, can find something they’ll be interested in with the selection of products from Orchid Gene. Uniquely shaped terrariums and an amazing selection of plants including Venus flytrap, jewel orchids, tonina fluviatilis, nepenthes tobaica, golden comb orchids, and many more can be found within the Orchid Gene online shop. To date, Orchid Gene has sold more than 77,000 plants and offers more than 15 live plant options. More information about the plants and self sustaining ecosystems from Bloomify can be found at https://www.orchidgene.com/.

About Orchid Gene

Orchid Gene was created by plant biologist Dr. Hsichuan Chen to help people of all gardening skill sets successfully grow and enjoy live plants.

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