SimpleRent offers top-rated app to manage tenants, track rent due

Landlords and owners looking to keep track of rent payments easily can turn to SimpleRent, a property management software that is out to revolutionize the industry by incorporating technological solutions in an age of social distancing.

“With the global pandemic continuing to cast uncertainties, it is time to leverage technology and put your property management business on cruise control. That’s where SimpleRent comes in,” a company representative said in a statement.

More tenants and landlords are choosing digital and contact-free ways to secure rentals, SimpleRent explained.

“The thing is, landlords and owners investing in real estate have been looking for ways to minimize time spent while maximizing cash flow. Tracking things like receipts and invoices is a hassle. That’s why we’ve eliminated the struggle of chasing paper checks,” the representative said.

SimpleRent said its rental income tracker allows them to manage their real estate investments more efficiently.

The company said its app provides a real-time picture of leases, receivables, and payment history, dropping the out-of-date spreadsheets, scattered e-mail attachments, and clunky accounting software.

“Whether you’re an upstart landlord managing your own rental properties or a mid-sized property management firm that manages property for multiple owners, SimpleRent provides a streamlined user interface, easy-to-read reports, and innovative features specifically designed for businesses like yours,” the representative pointed out.

SimpleRent said its 123-click invoicing features allow users to generate invoices for their entire portfolio and send customized and personalized invoice e-mails to each tenant in seconds. They can easily schedule invoice generation for any day of the month and automatically send.

The app allows owners to run rent roll to get a detailed overview of who and what is late, how late it is, and exactly what’s owed, including late fees. 

It also allows owners to collect single or time-saving bulk payments, record multiple items on a single check, or split payments across multiple checks. 

With the app, SimpleRent said landlords could say goodbye to paper rent checks which are not only time-consuming but also instantly causes interruptions in the monthly cash flow.

“Through the app, they get to activate online electronic payments and receive tenant payments directly into your bank account. They also get to apply funds to receivables without trips to the bank or waiting in line,” the representative added.

SimpleRent said it has added over 200 enhancements and features to the software and makes complimentary updates to the system every three weeks.

SimpleRent allows users to add any number of owners, which are a top-level data group in the software. 

“You can link properties to specific owners, and everything on the dashboards and reports will roll up or group by owner if you choose. If you manage a portfolio of properties for multiple owners, this option is for you,” the representative said.

SimpleRent said it offers straightforward and affordable pricing, starting from the Basic Plan worth $9.95 for a month, which allows one user and three units, all features and modules offered by the software, and excellent e-mail support. 

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