Welcome to Ethos Lost – A Unique Minecraft Server

Welcome to Ethos Lost 

Ethos Lost is an up and coming Minecraft server aimed at being what many servers so often fail to be. 

Their mission is a cohesive, mature community. They aim to cultivate a social space where competition is respectful, gameplay is inclusive, and lasting friendships are made. The Ethos Lost staff team wishes to invite players to help them re-invent what a Minecraft community can be. The server boasts custom commissioned builds, a diverse staff team, and a robust variety of plugins. 

The server currently offers McMMO, Ultimate Fishing, Economy, ChestShop, Market plots, Mineable Spawners, Jobs, Ranks, and ArtMap. Ethos Lost is constantly growing with the current variety of plugins they use. They feel confident that they have something for everyone. Players can grind for prowess in the economy and to climb the rank system, as well as contribute to the growing gallery of paintings being created in game. Alongside the available player market plots there is also an admin shop, catering to players who just want to build and not bother with gathering. For the rare soul who just loves to fish, the Ultimate Fishing pairs beautifully with mcmmo to make that an even more engaging experience. 

Ethos Lost is aimed at players 13+, and they wish to especially invite older players who have been at this game for years and are now struggling to find a server where they can play with their peers. 

The Ethos Lost staff team invites the community to help shape this server as it grows, and asks that their community please leave them suggestions and feedback so they can tailor the environment as it evolves. 

– The Ethos Lost Staff

About Ethos Lost

– IP: mc.ethoslost.net

– Discord: https://discord.gg/Pjc6Rm6Z4f

Media Contact
Company Name: Minebrowse
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: 2033018294
Country: United States
Website: https://serverbrowse.com/ethos/