The Ultimate Type of Insulation for Garages in Canada is Spray Foam Insulation

Any garage in Canada is really a portion of the property.  Whether attached or not to the main residence it should be taken care of as well as the rest of the property.  Garages add value to any property, and deterioration of garages can lead to devaluation.  Garages are no longer just for automobiles.  In fact, they are used for many purposes, the main one being storage of goods that are not in current use.  Improper or non-existent insulation will lead not only to the deterioration of the garage itself, but also to the damage of the items stored within the garage. 

It makes sense then to ensure that a garage is properly insulated, just as much as a main portion of a property.  This prevents heat and cold from leaking in, and Canadian temperatures can rise and fall rapidly, with extreme cold and then sometimes extreme heat.  The Newmarket, ON, company, Spray Foam Insulation Company, understands the importance of the correct type of insulation for garages in Canada, as well as the thorough application of spray foam insulation.  Self-installation of spray foam can be ineffective and even dangerous, as the right mix of chemicals must be combined with the exact application of the foam.  All nooks and crannies must be thoroughly coated, and even ceilings and garage doors must receive an application of spray foam. 

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), while slightly more costly than other types of insulation, with the proper application methods, can fit into all types of nooks and crannies, and realistically, save thousands of dollars in energy costs for property owners in Canada.  More money can be received when a sale is completed also, as spray foam insulation will increase the property value tremendously.  While other types of insulation for garages exist, that may be cheaper, the costs of spray foam are offset by the costs in energy savings and valuation of a property. 

There are two types of spray foam insulation, open cell and closed cell and the costs can fluctuate according to the type needed.  Open call spray foam can cost from $.44 CAD to $.65 CAD.  The closed cell spray foam is slightly more expensive as it can be “tighter” in nature and cover more extensively.  The cost for the closed cell is generally $1.00 to $1.50 CAD. 

In addition, the size of the garage must be factored in, as well as the costs of installation, so an exact price should be discussed prior to starting any application.  Spray Foam Insulation Company with its years of experience, will take all variables into consideration and for the quality of service, and the attention to detail, can be a bargain for property owners with garages.  While many companies might exist that offer spray foam insulation, quality, and attention to detail count in application, thereby making Spray Foam Insulation Company an “insulation bargain.”

About Spray Foam Insulation Company

This company, with its main office in Newmarket, ON, has been providing quality insulation for homes and garages to property owners in the GTA for years.  The technicians are highly trained and only the best products used in the spray foam insulation.  There are free estimates and the company services both commercial and residential properties and garages. 

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