Treating Spider Veins is Now More Permanent Using Laser Technology

Spider veins are not dangerous.  They are simply obvious capillaries underneath the top layer of skin, and they spread out in such a way they do resemble spider legs.  They are more common in women and children than in men, and many times do not show up until a woman becomes pregnant, at which point the pregnancy puts pressure on the capillaries and dilates them, making them visible.  These capillaries are in existence all the time, but when they become dilated, they can cause a great deal of self-consciousness amongst sufferers.  They can appear on the legs and face most commonly and there is a hereditary factor to the propensity towards dilation and appearance of the capillaries. 

Older methods of spider vein removal were done by sticking a needle into every spider vein and then collapsing it, leading of course, to the removal.  They were easy to collapse but being stuck with a needle in each vein, was a tedious and uncomfortable process.  Canada MedLaser, which serves the GTA, provides a painless and permanent removal of spider veins, with no downtime, and the ability to effectively target many veins at once.  This clinic is on top of the latest techniques to permanent removal of spider veins with sessions that only last 15 to 30 minutes each, using a laser to target and collapse the spider veins.  This is a great improvement over the older methods of removal. 

A bit of temporary redness may be apparent for a few days after treatment with a bit of a “scratched” appearance to the surface that was treated via laser by Canada MedLaser but once this disappears most individuals are very satisfied with the results.  Some temporary darkening of the skin may also appear in the treated areas, but this also disappears rapidly. Most individuals experience only the need for 1-4 treatments to remove all the spider veins that concern them. 

Spider veins can make an individual appear older and can lead to self-consciousness.  Young women who have a great deal of them on their legs can avoid swimwear, shorts, and skirts, in efforts to cover them up.  When they appear on the face, they are difficult to cover up, as the color of spider veins are either very dark blue, or dark purplish in color.  Removing spider veins on the face can lead to softer, smoother looking skin after treatment. 

Canada MedLaser uses a laser treatment called Candella Gentle Max Laser which is gentler even than most other laser treatments yet just as effective.  There is no reason to suffer any longer with impaired physical appearance due to spider veins.  Wearing attire to show off one’s legs, and not trying to hide veins on the face, are a relief to many that suffer from spider veins.  Canada MedLaser ensures the most comfortable, most effective, and most long-lasting removal results possible.  Safety and comfort of all clients is of utmost importance.

About Canada MedLaser Toronto

Canada MedLaser is a specialist in all types of laser treatments and other treatments that improve appearance.  They service the GTA and use the latest equipment.  All technicians are thoroughly trained, and consultations are free.  With the warmer weather approaching, the focus now is on spider vein removal treatments using non-invasive laser technology. 

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