How Uniqco International Can Make Remote Grey Fleet Management Easy and Help To Avoid Risks

Using a grey fleet offers numerous advantages, but many organisations feel they don’t have the resources to manage such a fleet. These organisations are not aware of the obligations and risks that grey fleets come with. Uniqco International provides a thorough review of an organisation’s requirements by considering its risks and obligations before recommending the use of a grey fleet. This makes fleet management easy and avoids unnecessary risks.

Read on to learn more about how Uniqco International can make your remote grey fleet management easier including:

  • Uniqco International’s Safework Australia
  • Uniqco International’s Fleet Data Analysis
  • Agile Reporting and Service Delivery to Reduce Risks of Delayed Deliveries

Uniqco International’s Safework Australia

Uniqco International’s Safework Australia explains the factors that an organisation needs to consider when it comes to complying with the basic fleet management requirements for grey fleets. Some of the steps involved to avoid risks include:



Measuring and monitoring truck’s weight and dimensions

Thorough pre-start checks

Checking whether the asset has risk assessment compliant documents or not, especially for hand tools and earthmoving machinery

Robust tests to confirm that the vehicle meets the manufacturer’s standards

Uniqco International’s Fleet Data Analysis

Many people believe that hiring a fleet or mobile asset is a safer option however this isn’t always the best route to take. Why? Firstly, the company that hires the fleet needs to compensate for the vehicle to the company that provides the vehicle in the first place. The cost to do this can be expensive. Additionally, the company also needs to pay strict attention to providing a safe workplace for its employees.

Instead, the fleet manager or CEO can use Uniqco International’s Fleet Data Analysis to analyse the risks involved in grey fleet management. It delivers comprehensive risk assessments by providing evidence of risk assessments and risk documentation that the company can store against each asset.

Agile Reporting and Service Delivery to Reduce Risks of Delayed Deliveries

Uniqco International’s fleet data analysis uses the best data analytics system and contract management to focus on agile reporting and service delivery to reduce risks of delayed deliveries. It helps confirms if the fleet, whether it’s leased, owned, or hired/grey fleet, meets utilisation expectations. Here are a few reasons why this system makes fleet management easier:

  • Analysis of preventative maintenance
  • Checking compliance of risk, design, insurance, and registration of the fleet
  • Analysing fuel consumption impact on the environment
  • Accurate utilisation of assets
  • Unscheduled maintenance analysis 

Manage your Business Grey Fleet with Uniqco International

Uniqco International aims to eliminate common organisation problems related to hiring a grey fleet, such as underutilised fleet, no fleet management model, lack of planning, lack of requirements, and manual integration of reports. It supports an organisation to better understand the value and role of good fleet data, making grey fleet management easier and avoiding the risks and problems that most companies usually face.

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