Language Learning Market Launches Global Marketplace Connecting Parents with Top Educational Content

The global company is leaping into the $7 trillion education industry to provide a single platform solution in a decentralized and chaotic market.

As the education industry is undergoing rapid transformation brought upon the Covid-19 pandemic, Language Learning Market has launched as a single platform for parents to find top quality educational resources.

Language Learning Market is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in 7,000 languages and dialects, so parents can now easily find content for their kids, while sellers from educational resource companies, entrepreneurs and teachers are now empowered to reach their target customers.

“As a parent with four children, the past year was overwhelming, like it was for most parents,” said Allison Monroe, the Founder & CEO of Language Learning Market. “I knew parents worldwide needed a better solution.”

Nearly two billion people went online for education the past year, disrupting the industry in unprecedented ways which will have a long term impact. In fact, more than 11% of parents in the U.S. have decided to homeschool their children, compared to around 3% before the pandemic began.

Retail e-commerce sales amounted to $4.3 trillion globally, with the number expected to continue to surge.

“We’re empowering micro entrepreneurs to reach their customers, globally,” Monroe said. “We think of ourselves like the Etsy for education in all languages.”

In addition to being an online marketplace, Language Learning Market also includes the Language Learning Directory, a place to read and write reviews for thousands of educational businesses. It also boasts a robust media network, which features expert tips and advice for language learning to its more than 1.2 million YouTube subscribers.

Monroe is a serial entrepreneur having lived in the Middle East, Australia and the U.S. She quickly realized the importance of language education and the need to connect the demand of educational content with creators and teachers. She sees the importance of raising multilingual kids and is dedicated to teaching her children English, Spanish and Arabic.

About one in two people globally speak more than one language, while studies find those who are bilingual earn up to 20 percent more on average.

Language Learning Market has been awarded the Mckinney Economic Development Corporation (MECD) Innovation Fund Grant for its innovation in EdTech and timely business plan. As part of the award, the organization will provide funding and resources to accelerate its growth as a global platform for the educational resource industry.

Language Learning Market is a multinational company, headquartered in McKinney, Texas, with offices in Mexico, India, and Jordan.

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