Explains Using a SharePoint Migration Tool to Switch to SharePoint Online Explains Using a SharePoint Migration Tool to Switch to SharePoint Online

Businesses have been using on-premise versions of SharePoint to store, organize, and access website information since 2001. Now, though, there’s a better way to do things. Read on to find out about the benefits of using a third-party SharePoint migration tool to make the switch to Microsoft’s more recent online version.

Easy Access for All Employees

Once the files have been migrated to SharePoint Online, the company’s employees and business partners will be able to access the content from anywhere with an Internet connection. Given that, according to, remote work will continue to be popular well after the coronavirus pandemic no longer makes it a necessity, that’s great news. Employees will be able to use laptops, tablets, or even smartphones to access shared files safely from anywhere.

Impressive Search Capabilities

There are plenty of file-sharing services out there. Just see this site for examples. That said, few can compete with SharePoint Online’s robust search capabilities. Users can search documents by name or use keywords to find relevant content in nanoseconds, no matter the volume of content handled by their companies.

File Check-Outs

Anyone who has collaborated with colleagues online knows how frustrating it can be to have multiple people working on the same document at once. Keeping track of changes becomes a nightmare, and the results can be catastrophic. Articles like “What you need to know about linking to files and pages in SharePoint,” discuss file check-outs. SharePoint lets users check out documents while they are working on them so no one else can access them, helping to prevent coworkers from accidentally cannibalizing each other’s work.

Backup Protection and Version History

Thanks to SharePoint’s check-out feature, there’s no need to continuously copy and rename files. Having multiple versions of the same file with similar names can get very confusing for collaborators. It also creates a mess in the user dashboards. Thankfully, SharePoint offers a better solution. Users can take advantage of the version history and backup protection features to edit and save documents without deleting the older versions. If the team needs to backtrack, all it takes is a click of a button.

Greater Clarity Thanks to Single-Point Storage

Instead of sending documents out to multiple parties, SharePoint stores them in one place and invites relevant team members to view and edit them online. There’s no need to backup files on individual hard drives or send different versions of the same files to people’s inboxes. Instead, the one file with its version history is kept in a centralized location to provide greater clarity for everyone working on it.

Migration Is Easy

Some companies are hesitant to make the switch because they’re afraid of all the work it will take. Companies like Cognillo make it easy to migrate files over to SharePoint Online. The entire process is quick, efficient, and impressively simple.

With so many people working remotely in today’s society, there’s no excuse for settling for less when it comes to collaboration tools. SharePoint Online is one of the best tools available. Make the switch as soon as possible.

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