Forecast for 2021 and Beyond: 5 Influential Residential Construction Trends

2020’s grave lesson to businesses of every size and type: adapt nimbly or succumb to the tidal wave of unexpected change. After the turbulence of shifting forecasts and expectations, leaders say the construction industry in 2021 moves optimistically toward re-emergence and growth.

Past the horizon of a challenging year, the industry saw a renaissance of workflows, new ways of retaining and developing talent, and a commitment to embracing client-centric technology.

The team at Green Bay Remodeling, led boldly by CEO Avichai Hazan, has proven to be a leader in a thoughtful client-centric mentality. Industry professionals, who are blessed to still be in operation at this historical time have a standout opportunity. They can seize this moment and make a positive contribution towards improving their level of service to team members and clients.

The following are the 5 construction industry trends we see forward-thinking companies embracing and continuing in 2021:

1) Remote Technology 

With proximity and contact being regulated globally, “remote” quickly rose to define 2020. Construction companies wanting to maintain relevance and client satisfaction can no longer put off adopting new technology solutions if they wish to meet their clients’ needs skillfully.

The team at Green Bay Remodeling quickly integrated technology to ease their clients into remote, real-time tracking on their projects and easy-access virtual meetings for efficient and concise communication.

2) Safety

It’s always a top-of-mind concern in construction; the importance of safety rose to new heights in response to COVID-19. Leading research on virus spread mitigation suggests that workspace isolation in conjunction with cleanliness protocols is paramount.

Green Bay Remodeling transitioned into isolating each relevant workspace for their clients with proper procedural thinking, proofing it in full before moving on. This was all accomplished by following enhanced mask protocol, sanitizer use, and touchless documentation whenever possible. 

Construction companies who understand the need to protect not only their clientele’s health but also their valuable teams who serve them, will continue to survive the lingering economic consequences of the past year.

3) Augmented Reality

By the end of this decade, it is projected that firms will spend more than $1.2 trillion on augmented reality, up from about $37 billion in 2019. AR technology has immense potential in the construction industry. This is including, but is not limited to, fast and affordable simulation of projects in a surrounding environment, automated building measurement, and safety training simulations.

On the client front, AR enables construction companies to give clients a tangible view of what projects may look like in a rapidly iterative, responsive, and most of all, safe/contact-free manner. Green Bay Remodeling has shown their willingness to lean into this groundbreaking technology which establishes them among augmented reality field pioneers. 

3) Multi-Use Structures

When most of the workforce began to work from home in 2020, a causal chain of events started. This created a domino effect, eventually producing an uptick for residential remodelers. As homeowners spent more time in their homes, areas of their lives began to overlap. Homes were not just being used for rest, yet people now needed their homes to serve as their office space or classroom. Homeowners quickly realized they needed to improve the overall functionality of their living quarters. They now needed their homes to work overtime to fit a variety of needs, while still being visually and aesthetically pleasing. 

Along the same lines, contractors with Green Bay Remodeling report that popular multi-use spaces increased in demand. Such spaces include additional dwelling units, garages, and room additions. The need for flex space will remain consistent as the population continues to adjust to the new normal. 

4) Design

A mark of business brilliance is a consistent adoption and delivery of processes and a way of thinking that centers around the client experience. This is taken to the next level when done with the flair of innovation.

Companies like Green Bay Remodeling, which stay abreast of the latest thought-provoking design and production processes, have soared. Even before a project is started, their clients can access cutting-edge design technology, such as picture-grade 3D rendering, to visualize their dream projects within their budget.

How to Survive and Thrive in 2021 and Beyond 

While 2020 brought a kaleidoscope of challenges, it also resulted in a reboot of sorts – a way to prioritize business fundamentals so often taken for granted.

In 2021 and beyond, companies won’t rely solely on their size or years in the industry for their success. Instead, success will require commitments to groundbreaking thinking, employee safety, and consistent client delight. It’s safe to say that with the leadership and thoughtfulness at Green Bay Remodeling, this industry leader will retain the upper hand in client satisfaction within the construction sector for years to come.

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