Bellrose Group makes a push to expand their private client division.

Bellrose Group makes a push to expand their private client division.

Bellrose Group have seen outstanding growth and success over the past 2 years and with the last private client drive turning out to be a great success 2 years ago, they will now push for another round this quarter.

With this push will come an influx of new clients for Bellrose Group and they feel more than confident with their capability to deal with the new additions. With recent hiring and expansion of the team, they have been preparing for the next phase for quite some time now and are determined to make it as successful as the last.

Mr. Jack Westhorpe, VP of International Trading said: “We have seen constant progress and growth within most sectors of our company, specially our private client division, since 2018. With this in mind, our management has implemented a long term plan, to sustain progress and to grow in the right departments to supplement our success and expansion.

With Mr. Weller leading the Private Client Division we are in great hands and he is the best we have to not only keep us on track, but to propel us even further.

We believe that with our company’s track record and capabilities, accompanied by the great team that we have, we will soon be one of the leaders in the industry and we are determined more than ever to reach this goal, not only for our company, but for our clients and investors.”

Bellrose Group Plans to start the new push to expand as early as the beginning of next month. There is no set time period that they will set to attain new clients, but instead they will have a cap and a target that they strive to reach within the remainder of the year.

They have not yet specified what the criteria will be for the new clients hoping to get on board, but they will reveal their plans further in the upcoming weeks.

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