Technology + Service Collaborative Innovation to Enhance Financial Service Capabilities – Interview with Tao Lan, A Well-known Asset Management Expert in China

Mr. Tao Lan, Executive Director of UBS AG (Hong Kong) and Senior Client Advisor, graduated from University of Melbourne and is an outstanding young expert in China’s financial industry. He has formed a professional and unique investment philosophy and style in the past ten years. In recent years, he has been engaged in concept innovation and technology research and development in the field of asset management, and accumulated extensive experience. Mr. Tao Lan has participated in many asset management projects and presided over about 180 projects with a profit of more than 150%, becoming an expert with the largest assets under management in China in the past decade. For his outstanding achievements, Tao Lan has won numerous professional awards such as China Asset Management Outstanding Contribution Award, and also won high praise from industry experts, scholars and practitioners.

When mentioned his own path to success, Tao Lan said that only the “innovation” can be interpreted. As a young talent in the age of science and technology, he is undoubtedly a pioneer on the road of innovation. Whether in technological innovation or service innovation, he can start from the actual needs of the market and solve problems for customers from a professional perspective. Over the years, with solid theoretical foundation, rich practical experience and outstanding innovation ability, Tao Lan has put forward many novel ideas and developed a number of asset management systems with advanced core technologies and remarkable application effects, providing new development ideas for the traditional financial industry, especially in the field of asset management.

The development of the industry is inseparable from technological innovation. Tao Lan believes that in order to keep up with the changes of the times, it is necessary to flexibly adjust technology research and development strategies and carry out bold innovations in accordance with changes in the market economy and social development trends. Throughout the development history of the financial industry, every change is based on technological innovation. Technical research and development personnel must always keep the driving force of innovation, constantly put forward novel ideas and constantly introduce new products, so as to promote the overall development of the industry. In this view, he has never stopped the innovative research and development on asset management technology. Nowadays, the well-known, highly influential and representative technologies such as “Asset Allocation Analysis Control System Based on Big Data”, and “Efficient Corporate Financing Risk Control System Based on Blockchain” are all his original achievements, which has realized the perfect integration of traditional asset management and modern information technology. “The biggest advantage of these original achievements is that they break through the limitations of time and space in traditional asset management services, minimize the possibility of investment risks, and have high practical value.” Tao Lan said.

These original achievements have been highly praised by experts in the industry. On the one hand, these systems are widely used in actual asset management projects, providing investors with safe and efficient investment schemes and creating great value. On the other hand, these achievements are integrated with advanced information technology and internet thinking, providing new ideas for the development of asset management service industry. “Having been engaged in technology research and development for many years, I hope that my research achievements can be recognized and applied in practice, so as to provide quality services for more investors and contribute more strength to the industry.” Tao Lan said.

In addition to technological innovation, Tao Lan has made innovations in service concepts and methods. For example, he has unique insights in revitalizing the assets of state-owned enterprises, and has realized the preservation and appreciation of assets for many enterprises with innovative service methods. In 2019, Tao Lan took over a large asset management project of an enterprise, realizing the reasonable and efficient transformation of the enterprise’s stock assets to capital. It is understood that it is a typical old state-owned enterprise, which has the advantage of natural stock assets. However, in the process of revitalizing assets, it encountered multiple problems such as discrete assets, diversified structures, unclear ownership of property rights, and restricted leases, and corporate assets are facing the risk of loss. For this reason, Tao Lan has created an operation system suitable for the high-quality management of assets of state-owned enterprises. From three levels: planning with capital, attracting investment from industry and operating with content, he systematically planned the assets of the enterprise in the whole cycle, and transformed the original assets into capital through high-quality asset management to help it embark on a good development road of “assets, asset management and capital”. With the help of Tao Lan and his team, the enterprise has achieved leap-forward development. In 2020, its net profit increased by 77.3% compared with the previous year, creating a new record. Tao Lan believes that if traditional state-owned enterprises want to revitalize their assets, they must separate the weight from the heavy ones. At the same time, they must pay attention to the renewal of assets, industries and capital. While emphasizing asset value and good cash flow, they must innovate the industry to adapt to the development of the times and transform capital into financial capital to increase the rate of return on capital.

Innovation plays an important role in the development of the industry. In the future, it is necessary for talents like Tao Lan to make efforts to innovate technological achievements with higher level and stronger practicability, improve the financial service system and boost the development of market economy.

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