Pop Culture Storyteller And Television Historian Scott Ryan Shares The Best Kept Secrets Of Moonlighting, The Iconic Tv Series, In His New Book

Moonlighting: An Oral History, Releasing June 1st, 2021, Reveals Never-Before-Told Amazing Facts about the Making of the Show. “I was totally hooked by the first chapters. I was all in.” – Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of Moonlighting TV Series

New York, NY – Actress Cybill Shepherd speaks openly for the first time about her time on Moonlighting, the pioneering television series broadcast by ABC in the 80s, in Scott Ryan’s new book, Moonlighting: An Oral History. Published by Fayetteville Mafia Press and releasing on June 1st, 2021 the book also includes the memories of the creator, other stars, and the many key collaborators responsible for this benchmark of television history.

To give the juiciest, most interesting details about the five-season saga, Author Scott Ryan interviewed over twenty crew members, many of them now dispersed to the four corners of the world. Among them are Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of Moonlighting, as well as the actors, writers, directors, and producers who made the TV series such a dynamic and unforgettable comedy-drama. Actors Cybill Shepherd, Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong are among those who speak openly to him about their time on the show. The fourteen chapters capture the initial excitement, often amounting to delirium, of the people making the incandescent series, and the pain and sorrow of the creative and personal discord that tore it apart and doomed it. 

Author Scott Ryan promises readers, “Anyone who has any passing knowledge of how television is made, or who wants to know the truth about one of the most popular TV shows of all time, is going to be blown away by the stories of how Moonlighting was made.”

Aired from 1985 to 1989 on ABC, Moonlighting helped pave the way for today’s era of prestige television. Among the most buzzed-about shows in the country, it won three Golden Globe Awards. This was due largely to the bravado of creator Glenn Gordon Caron, who never met a TV-storytelling convention he didn’t want to break. As well as and the sizzling on-screen chemistry between its unforgettable main characters: glamorous erstwhile film star Maddie Hayes (played by Cybill Shepherd) and irreverent private eye David Addison (played by an unknown New Jersey bartender named Bruce Willis). Their ceaseless bickering and flirting onscreen, and their epic battles off-screen, remain the stuff of Hollywood legend.

Praised by Martha Nochimson, Film Critic and Writer,  “I will trust you to get this wonderful book, and delve into its pages to discover from multiple perspectives the ironic details of the behind the scenes machismo of this onscreen feminist fantasy.”

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About the Author:

Scott Ryan is the managing editor of The Blue Rose Magazine, and the author of thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history and The Last Days of Letterman. He also wrote about his bad luck in twenty comic short stories, Scott Luck Stories—as luck would have it, no one cared. Ryan is also the director of A Voyage to Twin Peaks and the host of The Red Room Podcast. 

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Fayetteville Mafia Press is a dynamic new independent publishing house focusing on producing high-quality nonfiction books of all types by authors with distinctive voices and original insights into the world around them. The company specializes in pop culture, true crime, and sports. 

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