Tim Xenos Takes Bevpax to New Heights of Success by Entering the US markets

Tim Xenos Takes Bevpax to New Heights of Success by Entering the US markets

Tim Xenos is the co-founder of Bevpax, an FMCG organization which has been leading innovation in the beverages industry. The company also works as a contract manufacturer partnering with global distributors for private labeling. Their range of Survive Satchels was awarded at the European Food and Beverage Program 2020 last year. The company’s innovation in the area of pro-biotic and pre-biotic beverages has been commendable, and with their latest launch of cold brew coffee with oat milk in the US markets, Tim Xenos has been able to claim a larger global presence for his brand, Bevpax.

He expressed his happiness when Bevpax was awarded for innovation at the European Food and Beverage Program, saying, “It means now we’ve got recognition for the product itself. And it shows what buyers are looking for, which is immunity and hydration products that they can offer clients that are easy to consume.” The Survive Satchels that won the award are 7gm sachets available in a wide range of flavors, including Pomegranate, Orange, Mixed Berry, Banana and strawberry. Every sachet makes one 250ml drink which is best for serving one person.

Tim Xenos has been extremely active in promoting his brand, building new products under different brands, and even supporting client companies claim the market space through private labeling. Bevpax has established manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia. It gives them an upper hand in terms of manufacturing costs and ease of exporting their products through these countries because all countries have natural ports. All of these facilities are used for manufacturing both, Bevpax brand products as well as private labeling products. Tim Xenos is a co-founder at Bevpax and has always created a highly creative and innovation-friendly culture within the organization.

Bevpax was founded In 1998 after merging several smaller businesses into a single beverage-focused organization which provides R&D, brand development and packaging design services to its clients across the globe. Tim Xenos is a serial innovator who has been able to drive successfulness for the company through his market acumen and business expertise. At this time, Bevpax is the umbrella corporation housing 8 beverage brands which are Fito Water, Jelz, Le Café, RockiT, Survive, Te’, Vio, and Hydra. Tim Xenos and Bevpax became the pioneer of many beverages sold under these brands. For example, the cold brew coffees sold under the Le Café brand are known to have commercialized cold brew coffees which were earlier limited to traditional Japanese homes and shops. Cold brews are still a growing trend and Tim Xenos has pioneered its way into the global markets.

There are few companies that can claim such high extent of innovation as Bevpax. Ever since he started with Bevpax more than two decades ago, he has regularly explored new opportunities and new markets for his products. At the same time, he continues to invest heavily in research and development of new beverages, which can be successful in existing markets where Bevpax already maintains a strong presence.

Private companies that partner with Bevpax for private labeling, manufacturing, and packaging design have benefit extensively from the company’s services as well. Given Tim Xenos’ knowledge and experience in the market, he and his team are able to provide useful business insights to the companies which support business growth and successfulness. While Tim Xenos has been able to tick a gamut of achievements from his list of business goals, his attitude of never giving up and continually learning makes him the entrepreneur that can drive businesses like Bevpax to even more successfulness by readily adapting to market changes and responding to audience demands.

Tim Xenos and Bevpax’s most recent success was the organization’s entry into the US markets for the cold brew coffee products with oat milk. While the company has provided its services to private labeling companies in the US before, this is their first launch in the US markets as Bevpax. Tim Xenos has talked about their entry into the US markets and the new possibilities that it will build for the business. A new market also increases exposure to the target audience, which can help Bevpax create new products for their audience based on demand and feedback.

While Tim Xenos continues to lead the company to growth, a lot of credit goes to the people working in the company who have continually strived to achieve success by researching products, markets and audiences which define the brand.

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