Attorney-at-Law and author Lola Campbell Releases New Motivational Poetry Book

In ‘Writings on the Wall’, Attorney-at-Law and author Lola Campbell shares her poetic journey of life. The poems focus on trials and triumphs and display how the author has used writing to heal, express and love herself.

Attorney-at-Law and author Lola Campbell is pleased to announce she has released her poetry book ‘Writings on the Wall’, which aims to inspire people to use their voice and follow their passion and purpose.

The new poetry book has gained huge exposure for being different than other poetry books on the market. This poetry book stands out as it helps people to become motivated. When people read ‘Writings on the Wall’, they are going through an experience. They will feel empowered from every single poem and page. The author wants people to find the passion within them and overcome obstacles in their livesin order to succeed. She has used all of her experience not just as an Attorney-at-Law, but also as a mindset coaching expert.

Lola Campbell is a well-known mindset coaching expert. She helps people to overcome problems and obstacles in their lives and helps them to be the best version of themselves. By unlocking their true full potential, Lola can help people succeed in life, may that be in their personal or professional life. One way Lola is doing this is through her Living For Lola website (

The Living for Lola website allows people to get motivated by reading her blog ( Each bog is aimed at helping people and inspiring them. Lola has gained a reputation for helping people achieve more by just reading her blog posts, which includes When opportunity knocks, pack your bags and your HEART! ( These blog posts are inspiring and will, and are making a difference in people’s lives.

For people who need to overcome obstacles in their life and want to achieve more in their personal and professional life, Lola Campbell offers a 15-minute free consultation.

To learn more about Lola Campbell, and to learn more about the poetry book or to receive a free consultation, please visit

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Lola Campbell is a senior attorney in the financial industry and blogger, who crafts inspiring stories with the intention to motivate, encourage, and empower others. She is a passionate and driven writer, with over 15 years of professional and creative experience.

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