Down The Barrel TV.. “You Only Have ‘One Shot’”

The Authentic Musical Discovery Platform of South Florida.

When it comes to producing stellar visuals with an impeccable sound guided by a team of dedicated professionals, no one does it like LCP Studio’s Down the Barrel TV production. At first glance, DBTV exudes the perfect urban, modernized feel for a masterly executed live performance. Whether it’s rap or soul, each video is carefully organized and assembled to match the vibe of each artist and their given genre.

DBTV has joined the ever-growing scene of unique live performance experiences after witnessing how these productions have greatly impacted the trajectory of many artists on the rise. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to understand the passion and diligence behind each and every DBTV video. Emilio ‘’Lightchild’’ Perez is the pioneer responsible for cultivating this amazing platform for artists of all sounds and backgrounds. Having produced One Shot videos for big artists like Seddy Hendrix, The Hood Brat from ‘Love and Hip Pop’, and DKE Author, this team has managed to steadily reach an impressive level of recognition primarily in the South Florida area and beyond.

Lightchild’s extensive experience as a super producer, live musician, and pro audio engineer coupled with his team’s expert film and audio setup process, every video is guaranteed to shine a special light on everyone brave enough to step up to the mic. One of the most exclusive aspects of these One Shot videos is that it’s all in the name- you only have one shot. In contrast to other platforms, DBTV’s main goal is to challenge and encourage these artists to give an exceptional rendition of original songs in one clean-cut session. In doing this, the studio and the performers alike have the ability to excite and inspire the audience with a truly authentic encounter.

The One Shot team is fully equipped to also deconstruct and display all kinds of melodies into an acoustic experience with live background instrumentals. With DBTV belonging to a distinctive musical and visually creative audience, all the artists involved in One Shot productions have the added benefit of increasing views and overall recognition when collaborating with this studio. There is no such thing as too big or too small for this team of trendsetting creatives. The only qualifications required to participate in a One Shot video is drive, grit, and initiative.

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