Marek Boguszewicz, A Global Expert In Digital Transformation And Cyber Security

Movers And Shakers In The Technology World

The pandemic has accelerated the technological advancement in almost every aspect from digitalization to e-governance, digital currency, NFT, across all verticals …   after tracking him for nearly 6 months, I finally have had the privilege for an Up, Close and Personal interview with Marek Boguszewicz, one of the world’s leading experts in digital transformation, cyber security, blockchain and next generation technology.

Marek Boguszewicz

Marek is one of the world’s top experts in digital transformation and cyber security, a senior technology executive / adviser / speaker with over 30 years of experience in Technology-Finance, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Blockchain and NextGen 3.0 DLT Technology.

Marek’s expertise is often sought by leaders of blue chip companies, financial services, insurance, government agencies and who’s who from wall street. He provides advisory, consulting, policy writing and expert witness advisory globally across London, Germany, Hong Kong Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Greece, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Greater China, Korea, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Marek’s journey technology advancement started as young as 14 years old. He was programming in the early 80s which sent him well on his way into the technology world. His zeal for technology turned into a profession, when he started working for a top investment bank.

“Leaders who pioneer innovation understand the importance of digital transformation and cyber security as a business imperative to an organisation, paving the way for society 5.0, where cyber in society is integrated for the SocioCyber world…” – Marek Boguszewicz

Marek has received education from The Wharton – University of Pennsylvania and is a certified SIX Sigma champion, (CSSC) certified agile KANBAN expert, as well as being an ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 certified professional.

He is also a Cyber policy expert with the Global Foundation of Cyber Studies and Research Think Tank Washington DC.

An athlete, health enthusiast and a strong believer in giving back, he raised funds for underprivileged individuals, charities and provides pro bono advisory to youth and young adults. During the covid 19 pandemic, he donated his time and money in helping small businesses to get back on their feet.

Having spent more than a decade in Asia, Marek is currently residing in Singapore with his family.

Marek is often featured in major publications including FOX, CBS, NBC, Yahoo

Services: Advisory, Consulting, Speaking, Policy and Expert Witness

Expertise: Technology transformation – digital transformation, risk and regulatory transformation, Infrastructure transformation; Cyber security, Cyber Security reviews, next generation technology, Blockchain, Biometrics, Stenographics, and Cyber Forensics.

Sector: Private and Government

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