SEO Remains the Number One Effective Method of Marketing Strategically Online

There has been a lot of talk lately online about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) losing its effectiveness as a digital marketing strategy.  This is not true. The fact is that more online searches are occurring in today’s world for all types of products and services.  The increase has occurred because more individuals worldwide are short on time and are buying online more now.

It is still a proven fact that 75% of searchers globally, never get past the first page of listings.  Any company that is selling anything online, does need to appear on the first page in the Search Engines, or they most likely will never be seen.  Many buyers online are using their mobile devices to purchase goods and services quickly, so first page results are an absolute necessity for success.

Many questions and misconceptions are rampant about SEO, especially the pricing.  SEO is not a quick process and is more of a science than most realize.  DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO rarely produces any results at all, or at the very most, just a few results. 

SEO is a time-consuming, continuing process, that involves many moving parts, from optimized website content to the load speed of the pictures.  Each portion of a site must be audited, and each element optimized completely. 

SEO also requires serious follow-up and addition of materials consistently.  An outlay of monies must occur for the initial optimization, but without constant follow up and addition of new fresh content, a site soon sinks in the rankings.  Google loves new content as do all Search Engines.

The firm of SEO Reseller Guy has addressed the problem of follow up with their affordable packages that are available in many price ranges and are tailored to the size of each business and the businesses’ unique needs. 

There are psychographic and even demographic factors when picking a package of SEO initiation and follow up.  Some businesses are small and very localized, as in the contracting, roofing, and other services such as landscaping and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) services, etc. 

Localized service businesses can need SEO that speaks to specific locations and can use terms such as “near me” or other specific terminology.  Other larger globalized businesses will need a broader approach, with the use of other terms.  This type of SEO can be referred to as Enterprise SEO.

The costs of SEO packages to maintain rankings will therefore vary greatly and results are never seen immediately.  SEO Reseller Guy does offer a variety of packages for every SEO need and every type of budget. 

A consultation can be in order with SEO Reseller Guy if in doubt, as to which package to purchase. Costs of the SEO depends on the amount of SEO and follow up needed.  SEO Reseller Guy does offer a wide range of pricing options for everyone.

About SEO Reseller Guy

This global entity provides the finest SEO and follow up with affordably priced packages geared to anyone’s budget.  There is a contact form, an email, and a blog to assist visitors in understanding the basics of SEO and the types of pricing. The company has been in business as a premier provider of SEO for many years now.  There is a 30-day money back guarantee, with a month-by-month purchase, so no long-term contracts are required. 

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