Dental Clinic Warns that Cleaning Teeth Could Save Life

A Toronto dental clinic has warned locals that they should still seek professional teeth cleaning even if they are brushing and flossing twice a day as it could save their lives.

Osmin Denture Clinic, based in North York, said that many people thought that if they regularly brush their teeth then there was no need to get them professionally cleaned.

But a spokesman for the clinic said: “Only dentists and oral hygienists can perform the level of professional teeth cleaning that would remove a build-up of plaque, get rid of stains on the teeth and ward off serious oral health problems in the future.

“Regular teeth cleaning can even improve your overall health, for example having periodontal disease can be linked to diabetes and heart conditions.

“And a build up of plaque can release bacteria that can spread through cuts in your mouth or infections. This bacteria can weaken your major organs and cause serious health conditions like heart attacks.

“So few people realise how closely linked oral health is to their overall health and wellness. This is how crucial looking after your teeth and your oral health is.

“We would usually recommend teeth cleaning twice a year for most people, but how often you need this particular service will be agreed between you and your dentist as everyone has different needs.

“Regular teeth brushing, flossing and mouth wash is essential for maintaining good oral health, but professional teeth cleaning could prevent cavities, combat gum disease, prevent teeth loss, avoid bad breath and brighten your smile.

“The bacteria that is created by plaque can also attack the gums and lead to gum disease. The signs of this might include lumps or bleeding. If this is not addressed, it can cause a loss of teeth as the gums loosen and recede.

“And, poor mouth hygiene and lack of cleaning can lead to cavities. These occur when plaque builds up that is difficult to remove through regular brushing, particularly once it hardens. The bacteria from the outer layers of plaque create acid that penetrates the teeth and affects the nerve and causes tooth ache. Regular professional cleaning sessions can help to prevent this,” he added.

Osmin Denture Clinic is a dental health and aesthetic dental practice, offering its clients a full range of dental and cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures, these include dentures, mouth guards, crowns, implants, tooth extraction and teeth restoration, to name a few. Dental staff prides themselves on affordability, helping low income clients, offering house calls and offering a customized service for every patient.

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Osmin Denture Clinic is based in North York Toronto. It offers its clients a whole range of traditional and cosmetic dental procedures – from teeth cleaning to teeth reconstruction. They pride themselves on being affordable, offering house calls and accommodating everyone who comes through their door. 

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