FastMouse: The Smart Artificial Intelligence Voice Mouse

Smart AI-powered mouse that quickly converts voice into text, executes voice commands, and accurately translates over 100 languages

FastMouse, a smart AI voice mouse, has been launched today on Kickstarter, at <>, to help people enjoy superb efficiency with an Artificial Intelligence-powered mouse that transcribes what you say, translates over 100 languages, and lets you tell your computer what to do.

FastMouse Voice AI Mouse lets you say whatever you want while typing it with an incredibly fast and accurate speech-to-text conversion rate. It also accurately translates what you say into over 100 languages, it runs online searches based on your voice commands, and it lets you order your computer what to do. Just by saying it. “This way, we don’t need traditional keyboard any more,” May observed.

“FastMouse is working to add intelligent features and functions to traditional mouse, in this case, we’ve done that through the integration software and hardware, from which users can benefit from the versatility provided by the Smart AI voice mouse,” May, Marketing Manager at FastMouse, stated.

One of the beauties of FastMouse AI Voice Mouse is that you can literally use it to express your creativity and productivity as you prefer. There is no fixed set of applications to limit you, but here are some ideas of how it can help boost your efficiency. For instance, you can use FastMouse to take notes, attend the online meeting, study, teach, chat, or even play video game.

There’s only one way of making FastMouse Voice AI Mouse better—make it yours and see your productivity go through the roof! FastMouse AI Voice Mouse comes with four extra buttons and they sound magical, but they actually use Artificial Intelligence and state-of-the-art technology to do wonders for your efficiency.

“When it comes to the stellar performance of FastMouse AI Voice Mouse, you’ll be reassured to know it uses an IEEE802.15.4 wireless 2.4G intelligent frequency and hopping voice technology, with a bandwidth that can reach 2Mbit/s. In other words, the voice data can be transmitted super efficiently!” May said.

FastMouse AI Voice Mouse is designed with a top-quality built-in Mic that will work as your voice input mechanism for your every digital microphone needs! FastMouse adopts high-sensitive (-26DB) digital mic MEMS. Along with digital DSP chip for voice collection and noise suppression, so it can recognize voice command within 2 meters, perform better than two ordinary mics.

Keeping a perfect user experience in mind, FastMouse AI Voice Mouse has an extremely smooth and precise pointer that goes where you send it. And the fact that it carries so many functions doesn’t make it heavy. On the contrary, it’s extremely lightweight, ergonomic, and comfortable to hold!           

The FastMouse campaign on Kickstarter at <> is seeking to raise $5,000 to fund the large-scale production of the product. Backers who support the campaign will gain early and discounted access to FastMouse.

About FastMouse

The mission of FastMouse AI Voice Mouse was to create a better product to allow users to have a superb experience for Artificial Intelligence. FastMouse team works in the Pearl River Delta region of China, developing products that excel in fulfilling their conventional functions—while dramatically optimizing them with Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technology that makes them unimaginably more efficient and feature-rich.

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