11 popular ways to knit a cardigan sweater

Flat stitch

Also known as a weft-level organization, single-sided organization. Knitting needle arrangement: knitting jersey with full needles on a single needle bed. The fabric has large transverse extensibility and curling properties, and it is easy to fall apart after the loop is broken.

Siping Organization

Also known as rib fabric, it belongs to the same category as 1+1 rib and 2+2 rib. Knitting is carried out on the double-needle bed, all the triangles enter the work, and the loop depth is the same. Knitting arrangement: the front and rear needle beds are arranged with full stitches.

Cardigan Organization

1+1 rib weave

Also known as a single rib. Apply to neckline, cuffs, and hem.

2+2 rib weave

It has a high degree of lateral extensibility and elasticity, half of the extensibility is twice as large as that of plain knitted fabrics.

Siping Idling Organization

Also known as ribbed air layer structure, it is a composite structure of ribbed structure and flat needle structure. Features: The flat stitches on the front and back sides are unconnected, in an overhead state, thicker than rib tissue, with good warmth retention, small lateral extensibility, and a more stable shape.

Tuck Circle Organization

Tucked fabric with single needle bed surface, also known as flat needle fat flower. The tuck can form a variety of pattern effects such as mesh patterns, uneven patterns, and colorful patterns. Due to the existence of long loops, the strength of the fabric will be affected and it is easy to expand laterally.

Fat Flower Sweater Jumper Supplier

Fat Flower Organization is the common name of Jihua Organization. According to the overhang formed by the tuck, the surface forms a convex pattern, etc. There are single-sided tuck and double-sided tuck; there are single-row tuck and multi-row tuck; there are single-needle tuck and multi-needle tuck.

Flower Cardigan Sweater Wholesale

The scientific name of the twisting structure is called the corrugated structure. By moving the needle bed, the stitches are cross-knitted on the double-needle bed.

Double fish scale tissue

Double fish scale tissue is also called non-knitting tissue, and it is also called double yuanbao needle. It is knitted on a double needle bed, and its essence is a double-sided tuck. Features: The double fish scale fabric is easy to elongate and deform in the transverse direction, which reduces the shape retention of the clothing, but the warmth retention is enhanced, and the fabric has a plump and thick feeling. It is widely used in needle knitting.

Jacquard Cardigan Wholesale

The jacquard weave is a kind of weave that selects the yarn in the course and forms loops at a certain interval according to the requirements of the pattern. When the yarn is not looped, it is generally floating on the back of the fabric and can be knitted on a single needle bed. . Features: The fabric is thicker, not easy to deform, extensibility combined with less dispersibility, and has a good color effect.

Empty flower organization

The scientific name of the empty flower structure is the leno structure, also known as the peach flower structure, which can be knitted on a single needle bed. The knitting needles are arranged in full, with single jersey as the basic structure, and the stitches are transferred according to the pattern. It is widely used in bar stitch patterns.

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