‘The Evolution Effect’ Brings Forth The Conquering Stories Of Extraordinary And Resilient Individuals

The Evolution Effect is the latest collaborative project powered by Maximum Evolution publishing company.

New York City, New York, USA ‘The Evolution Effect’ is a book project which was virtually launched in October 2020. The Evolution Effect: Stories of Breaking Patterns, Overcoming Adversities, and Stepping Into Greatness is a compilation of 20 stories of individuals who have taken a leap of faith in themselves to become the best version of their being. These stories feature individuals who are building a legacy and have made drastic changes in their life.

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This book project reveals stories of courageous individuals, empowering others to face their traumas and challenges like a true warrior. The phenomenal collection of stories covers topics spanning depression, domestic violence, divorce, mental and physical health challenges, sexual assault, and childhood traumas. “The dedication behind this book project was to work together in order to share the stories of spirited individuals, creating a powerful book that is capable of impacting and inspiring millions of lives,” says Chanel Spencer, CEO of ‘Maximum Evolution.’

The Evolution Effect is a collective voice of exhilarant personalities with a print length of 168 pages. Chanel Spencer, the visionary author of The Evolution Effect, emphasizes the need to reframe the culture where humans are embraced regardless of their flaws, building an atmosphere of sustainable and amicable environment all around the globe. “My two small children motivate me to make the world a better place. The mere existence of these two has fueled my passion. With this book, I desire to transform the lives of women, enlightening them with the value they all possess but are unaware of, enabling them to lead the life of their dreams,” says Chanel Spencer.

Our past circumstances do not have to define our present. Neither should it control our future success. One must make the decision for the betterment of themselves. It is frequently the things we experience that define who we are as individuals. For a number of years, the trauma that I experienced had control over who I was. I allowed it to dictate how I reacted, how I valued myself, and how I allowed others to treat me. My trauma consisted of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and attempted suicide. I felt worthless, unworthy for several years, and as if I do not truly deserve to win in life. At a very young age, I felt tainted and carried myself as such. I suffered depression and serial disappointment with people in this world. We have to understand that the things that we experience and how we feel can lead us to a life of misery and unhappiness,” says Spencer.

Chanel Spencer helps women to brand and develop their business. She is a 6x Best-Selling and 14x Author, Speaker, the host of Evolv Podcast, her children’s brand TJplayword. With this new book, she wishes to empower women from all walks of life, to rise above their adversities.

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The Evolution Effect pays tribute to powerful individuals who took the tough decision to break the self-sabotaging patterns in their lives, proffering them a pathway to step into their greatness and purpose.

Behind every successful person lies vision, cultivation, and accountability. We all are destined for greatness. Together, with the continued efforts of this book’s author, we will establish goal setting, benchmarks, and milestones,” says, Lindsey Vertner, the ‘Founder of Lindsey Vertner, LLC,’ one of the Contributors to this incredible book project, while appreciating the vision of Chanel Spencer.

Maximum Evolution (ME) Publishing also provides aspiring authors and publishing entities with opportunities to contribute and take part in this life-changing project. The following is the list of the contributing authors who have made this project a success:

Dr. Deena C. Brown


Founder, The Leadhershift Movement



Lindsey Vertner

“The Evolution Of Pain”

Founder of Lindsey Vertner, LLC



Lovenia “Coach Love” Barkley

Coach | Founder of Keepsake Motivation LLC | CEO of LRE 

“LOVEIS… Keepsake Motivation”



Margaret Green 

“Over It And It’s Time To Put On My Big Girl Panties”

Author | CEO of Health Is Also Wealth



Jeneea Moore

“Breaking The Mold”

CEO of JC Moore International LLC | Moore Herbal Supplements

facebook.com/ MooreHerbalSupplements

instagram.com/ MooreHerbalSupplements

Vernae Taylor

“I Once Was Broken”

Author | Speaker | Mentor | Founder of Triple Threat Vision, LLC



Yvonne Brown

“12 Years To My Exhale”

Coach | Author | CEO of Affirm & Pursue Academy



Danielle Batiste

“Depression: Can’t Hold Me Down.”

Author | Entrepreneur | CEO of Diabetes Made Better LLC



Alexandria Deleon


“The Wrong Road Into Right”



Mercy Myles-Jenkins

“Hitting The Stop Button On Spiritual Abuse”

Founder | CEO of Legacy Driven Consulting & Publishing,



Dr. Marguritte S. Johnson

“The Break Up”

CEO of MSJ-PRO Services LLC | Founder, Executive Director of Stand 4 Sisterhood 



Sheldine Gordon 

“Love Changed Me”




Noreen N. Henry

“Back To Myself & Truly Owning My Life”

Founder | CEO of Victorious Living Culture



Chenequa Terrell 


“Lessons In Flight”



Arica P. Quinn

“Forgive The Little Girl, Transform The Woman”

Certified Transformation Coach | CEO of Queen 2 Queen



About the Company:

Maximum Evolution is a platform that helps women to bring their vision to fruition by branding and developing their business.  Recently, the CEO, Chanel Spencer has published her latest book, ‘The Evolution Effect,’ a project powered by Maximum Evolution.

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