Sage Collective Embodies Intrinsic Beauty Of Aesthete Chinese Craftsmanship

Sage Collective is keeping traditional skills and crafts alive with their exquisite artisan-made objects, using the most time-honored and contemporary insights!

New York, USA – With the great utilization of mass-produced products in this extensively industrialized and fast-paced life, the relationship of people with intimated crafted products has strained. Sadly, one has little or no time to devote to understanding the rich cultural heritage reflected through artisan-made goods. Here comes the Sage Collective, a Chinese Cultural Wellness Lifestyle brand with an avant-garde edit of artisan-made goods, tea, tools, and editorials to bring ease into people’s lives.

This Chinese Wellness brand, Sage Collective, is a platform and community that explores the intersection of design, wellness, and enlightened social change. They bring together artisanal home goods, tea, tools, and editorials, providing multifaceted experiences that highlight heart-warming Chinese aesthetics and Daoist philosophy, a simple mind of living with ease.

With their firm East-West Conduit mission of upholding connections between Chinese culture and the rest of the world, they offer unique contributions to modern days by seeing the world afresh through an alternative perspective, so everyone can engage and unveil the way for a flourishing life. The Chinese Craftsmanship at Sage Collection values the hand-making process end-to-end and works hard to deliver a stunning product to the customer.

Neither following the socially defined success nor avoiding it by trying to transcend it; Sage Collective has stood out as the first Chinese wellness lifestyle brand, bringing the concept of “The Great Use of Uselessness” to the forefront. By learning how to appreciate differences humbly, they can discover “Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease” and use these reflections to take actionable steps toward a better future.

Ye Feng, the Founder of Sage Collection, says: “As a mindful community of individuals, I believe, one must struggle to reconnect with the fading art and craft that are such a primary part of history. Sage Collective believes freedom and ease are the true values of living. When we slow down and listen to our inner selves, we can use these artisan-made reflections and take actionable steps toward genuine transformation to fully embracing life. We will continue to focus on craft and wellness, as well as cultural and educational projects, to showcase local talents to the rest of the world while giving equal importance to featuring international talents.”

Sage Collective is setting itself apart from other wellness brands by offering a one-of-a-kind upscale and inspiring cultural experience and product collections that stand apart from the industrialized knockoffs, usually in looks, quality, and price and reflect beautiful Chinese Art Collection, cultural wisdom, and a balanced lifestyle that assimilates both east and west, traditional and modern, handcrafts and technology.

Not least of all, Sage Collection is serving as a bridge between makers and markets in Chinese handcraft-based enterprises in many parts of China where a sizable demographic of mostly hand-workers and artisan-entrepreneurs lack direct access to collectors outside their immediate geographic areas.

Individuals interested in bringing the richness and heritage of the artisan products can look up to the exquisite collection of Sage Collective and avail 10% discount on their first orders.

About the Company:

Sage Collective is a Chinese Cultural Wellness Lifestyle brand, taking the honor to share exquisite craftsmanship that draws on China’s four thousand years’ history of artistic and technological innovation. 

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