A Future Superhero And Friends Has Teamed up With Jazwares to Encourage Everyone Around to be a Superhero and Pay It Forward

“The Pay It Forward Day” and the “National Superhero Day” are celebrated every year on April 28th with the spirit of being roles models and givers in ones’ communities.

California, USA – When it comes to helping humanity and showing kindness, there is no single way of doing so. People show their compassion, love and respect for humanity in thousands of different ways, but what matters the most is their ability to contribute their time, energy and resources for the betterment of people and their abilities to create an impact. With that said, there are so many NGOs and Social initiatives that are run to help elevate the lives of people. From working on reducing hunger to imparting education, helping the homeless or providing support to the unemployed, each work strives towards making people’s lives better. A Future Superhero And Friends is also one such Non-profit organization established to provide support emergency services to people in need. Since, “The Pay It Forward Day” and the “National Superhero Day” are around the corner i.e., 28th April 2021, it is more than important to understand the impact of such work.  

A Future Superhero And Friends has been established with the sole purpose to support and serve humanity. From helping animals and the homeless to supporting veterans, elderly, men, women, disabled and ill children, the Non-profit helps them to return to stable and permanent homes as quickly as possible. Each year on April 28th, National Superhero Day is celebrated to honor both real and fictional superheroes. A Future Superhero and Friends understands that children look up to these superheroes as role models who dedicate their lives helping others, saving lives and fighting for peoples’ well-being. Yuri Williams, the founder of A Future Superhero And Friends aims to serve the community the same way. The founder used to go to feed the elderly, children, homeless veterans and sometimes visit ill children dresses as Spider-Man. Receiving immense appreciation and support for this work enabled Yuri to start an NGO serving the same purpose and elevating the lives of people around.

The Pay It Forward Day, also celebrated 28th April shares the same spirit of being kind and embracing the idea of serving humanity. Yuri Williams, the founder of A Future Superhero And Friends, takes inspiration from Lynda C. Hubbard, the founder’s mother, who inculcated in Yuri, the incredible habit of giving. When Lynda passed away from cancer in 2009, it was this purpose to help the underserved community that motivated the founder to start an NGO and pay it forward. A Future Superhero And Friends has completed several projects over the years including blood drives, movie nights, toy drives, feeding and clothing the homeless and also visited 50 states to serve the purpose. It can be said that it is with the same spirit of the same National Superhero Day and Pay it Forward Day that A Future Superhero and Friends aims to celebrate every single day. 

About the Organization: 

A Future Superhero and Friends is a Non-Profit Organization based in California, USA, serving to improve the quality of life and restoring the dignity of people by meeting their needs. The organization provides supportive and emergency services to animals and people in need.

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