Introducing Catherine Gabriel, premier Business consultant who specializes in bringing order and efficiency to businesses

Start-ups and small businesses usually set out into their chosen markets fuelled by ample enthusiasm and positivity. This may take them far, but to truly succeed in competitive markets it is prudent to have a tangible long-term business growth consultant in place.

The unfortunate truth is that many start-ups or small companies fail because they haven’t taken this crucial step.  Without it, a new business can reach a plateau far sooner than expected; this stage may even be a death knell, yet it is possible to turn things around quickly by implementing the ideas of seasoned business consultants like Catherine Gabriel.

Catherine Gabriel is the CEO of Positive Outlook Industries and the Creator of the From Wild to Wonderful Business Growth System. Through her experience in the industry, she specializes in bringing order and efficiency to businesses, permitting leaders to flourish even during growth.

Speaking about her services, Cathrine said: “How do we do this? By understanding your needs and applying the best tools, techniques, and services to resolve issues. Instead of spending precious time on inefficiencies or confusion due to inadequate documentation or processes, you can do what you do best AND enjoy a healthier work/life balance.

As a consultant and project manager, she has helped organizations identify root causes of their growth chaos, apply effective techniques to resolve those causes and establish repeatable processes to handle robust growth.

Clients who work with Catherine have the opportunity to explore their business’ unique situation and pinpoint the areas that need attention urgently so they can begin to enjoy robust business growth without the high stress.

Perhaps, a testament to Catherine’s efficacy is this glowing review by Mary Hall, CultureWise Licensed Consultant and COO at Take Charge America: “I had the pleasure of working with Catherine for many years. Catherine is a very competent project manager, business consultant, and meeting facilitator. Catherine is dependable, personable, and always open to feedback. She is calm, cheerful, committed to her work and she is trustworthy. There was never a time that Catherine did not deliver and go the extra mile on a project. Catherine was a consistent contributor on work projects, culture development programs and volunteer programs. In my role as the COO at Take Charge America, I had the opportunity to see the value that Catherine brought to the company and I suggest that any company would benefit from having a competent, trusted, and positive (team player] who is committed to ongoing improvement and self-development like Catherine Gabriel.

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