Resilient Healthcare Launches Innovative LTAC@H™ (Long Term Acute Care at Home) Program in North Texas

Resilient Healthcare Launches Innovative LTAC@H™ (Long Term Acute Care at Home) Program in North Texas

To better manage the healthcare spending crisis, without compromising the quality of care patients receive, Resilient Healthcare has launched its LTAC@H™ (Long Term Acute Care At Home) Program providing a hospital-level virtual and mobile health system. United Healthcare is the first insurance giant to contract with Resilient, offering LTAC@H™ services to their North Texas members. The program is the first of its kind, in which seriously ill patients will have access to an array of hospital-grade healthcare services from the comfort of their homes both virtually and in person. 

Combining the wisdom of traditional medicine with innovative and enabling technology through Artic Health©, Resilient Healthcare recreates the acute and long term care setting at home. Resilient Healthcare’s LTAC@H™ Program is tailored to patients and their families who deal with the burden of serious illnesses, managing multiple doctor visits, recurring hospital admissions, and navigating through a complex healthcare system. 

The agreement comes at a time when the industry is rapidly changing. In the past 12 months, both private and public sectors of healthcare have mobilized to bring healthcare outside of the traditional walls of the hospital. In an attempt to increase hospital capacity during the pandemic, CMS increased regulatory flexibility and launched the Acute Hospital Care at Home pilot program. Resilient has been behind the adoption of this program across North Texas. Industry leaders such as Amazon Care and Ascension have joined the Moving Health Home (MHH) coalition to lobby and ensure these policies continue post-pandemic. 

Resilient Healthcare began as a vision for a better healthcare delivery system in 2018. The company has estimated a cost savings of 30% per episode, has reduced re-hospitalizations to below 3% and has significantly improved patient outcomes. Throughout the past year, the company emerged as the all-time solution for the plethora of challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic working with industry leaders, such as United Healthcare. 

According to the CEO, Dr. Jackleen Samuel PT, DPT, her experience in witnessing the last four years of her father’s life get consumed by countless visits to various hospitals, rehab facilities, and doctor’s appointments fueled her vision for revolutionizing the virtual and mobile system. 

“COVID-19 has forever changed the landscape of American healthcare. We have been working toward a more efficient healthcare delivery system since 2018. The pandemic just really accelerated that process. By developing and adapting technological advances in clinical practice, we truly put patients and families first,” Jackleen Samuel commented. 

“We are humbled by this opportunity. Coming to an agreement to drive care to a more patient-focused, quality-driven, and cost-effective model takes time, but we are excited about the future of this industry.”

Following a successful launch in Texas, Resilient plans to offer the LTAC@H™ program across state lines. 

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