AAXLL Commends Canada’s Pledge in World Leaders Summit On Climate

Vancouver, BC – AAXLL Brands Company supports the Canadian government’s proactive stance at the Leaders Summit on Climate, committing to further reducing carbon emission by 40-45% below 2005 levels in less than a decade. This is a clear indicator of Canada’s role as a world leader in ensuring the safety of the planet.

AAXLL applauds Canada’s pledge to preserve 30% of the country’s natural land and ocean resources by the end of the decade. It is a crucial step in ensuring nature’s essential role in mitigating climate change.

Together with other world leaders, Canada has taken the responsibility to reduce the world’s carbon footprint through both technological and natural means. Further, these actions help to save endangered wildlife directly impacted by the devastation of climate change. 

“We whole-heartedly walk lockstep with the climate targets set forth by Prime Minister Trudeau and other nations. Canadian businesses understand their role in the fight against climate change,” says Joe Maskell, CEO of AAXLL Brands Company. “It is our mission to offer natural, organic plant-based products that are healthy for our consumers and the planet. Our industry is uniquely positioned to affect plants, wildlife, and their habitats directly. We encourage the use of natural sungrown products throughout the world. Giant indoor facilities have been shown to have negative consequences.  AAXLL is devoted to lessening our environmental impact through innovation and sustainable best practices. Beyond processes and procedures, we continue to support governments, non-profits, and private sector allies taking crucial steps to protect this Earth.” 

Additionally, the Canadian government’s $4.1 billion commitment to biodiversity and nature echoes the steps taken by AAXLL and other multinational organizations. Supporting organizations including Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance’s Emergency Amazon Fund and Climate Change Fund, AAXLL continues to be a vocal proponent of environmental protection and climate justice.


AAXLL is a pioneering tech company that creates market leading brands such as Balance, Budderweeds and Dani Pepper. 

In the process AAXLL supports local, national and international initiatives in the best way that it can. To encourage COVID-19 vaccinations AAXLL is providing free products to US residents who can proof of their vaccination record. AAXLL continues to support Earth Alliance’s Emergency Climate Fund and AAXLL continues to fight alongside individuals and corporations across the country such as Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Apple Inc in supporting America’s Food Fund. The fund is less than $900,000 away from reaching its $46,000,000 goal which aims to make sure everyone has access to food. 

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