New Soft Handmade Dolls Brand Amaris And Chaya Set To Disrupt The Market

New Soft Handmade Dolls Brand Amaris And Chaya Set To Disrupt The Market

Amaris and Chaya

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the children’s toys industry as Amaris and Chaya is set to officially launch on May 1st, with a focus on delivering premium quality handmade dolls created to promote diversity in imaginative play for children. The new brand is challenging the status quo in the market, helping to provoke creativity in children from infant without sacrificing the primary goal of providing fun and excitement.

The global children’s toy market has grown exponentially over the years, with several brands emerging to meet the needs of kids and their parents. The increasing demand for toys has helped the industry grow to a multi-billion-dollar market. Unfortunately, many of the products flooding the market are often generic and do not pass any message to children and even their parents. However, the team at Amaris and Chaya is looking to make a difference as the brand announces their official launch.

Amaris and Chaya aims to encourage imaginative play in children, with their range of Amigurumi dolls, black dolls, soft play dolls, and a host of others deliberately crafted to pass culturally relevant messages of empowerment and inclusion to promote the “black is beautiful” mindset.

The launch of the brand is particularly timely, considering the increasing call for resources to promote unity in diversity, fairness, and justice, amidst growing cases of prejudicial killings and a complex among minority communities.

Each of the products is designed to treat every girl like a little queen that she is, instilling the mindset to feel confident in their skin, irrespective of what society feels or says.

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