Up-and-coming Youtuber NEKODA unveils new video proving becoming prominent content creators doesn’t mean making better content

Up-and-coming Youtuber NEKODA has released a new video that proves becoming huge content creators does not mean making better content.

The video, now available on the world’s biggest video sharing site, is titled “Drake’s Home For Peculiar Celebrities.” 

NEKODA offers various content on his channel, ranging from gaming, music to almost anything under the sun. 

“The platform is a destination for all audiences. Every time I think about content to upload on the site, I want it to reflect on myself, my personality, my hobbies, and interests,” NEKODA said in an interview.

NEKODA uploads gaming videos. One of his uploads, an entry he submitted to the Oslo creator contest, showcases how much better NEKODA is than the average gamer. 

Proving his versatility as a content creator, NEKODA has also produced music content for his viewers. 

In one of his videos, it featured a wacky but no-nonsense NEKODA while showing off his professional rapping skills. 

The music video, titled “Kid Koda – MOM! I Swear I’m Not Making Another Minecraft Parody!” features Danielle Bregoli and Dr. Phil. The video is an absolute banger and a must-watch on the site.  

“It’s important not to let your content stagnate. That’s the reason why I upload a wide variety of content on the platform — to showcase what else a Youtuber like me has to offer to his subscribers,” he said.

NEKODA said it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, creating the same types of content over and over again. The Youtuber, however, believes one’s channel should be a reflection of who he is and what he can offer to the sharing site. 

While NEKODA lamented YouTube’s algorithm, which leads people in the opposite direction, autoplaying more marginal videos instead of the more popular ones, he believed in the power of producing high-quality content.

“At the end of the day, what matters is the quality of videos that content creators put out there,” NEKODA stressed.

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