Mirarchi Management Group Introduces Practical Employee Relations for Leaders

Practical Employee Relations Skills Prevent Lawsuits.

Winning, settling, and losing lawsuits are always regrettable experiences for both leaders and employees.

Employers win most employment-related lawsuits, as the result of EEO compliance training programs. However, leaders walk out of court never knowing that these lawsuits were truly avoidable. Employees leave court never knowing they had no chance of winning.

Employees and employers have different sets of rights, but a mutual goal – success. Their respective rights are not in conflict with each other, and do not impede any employee’s or employer’s success. Employees have the right to be kept free from discrimination, and employers have the right to exercise customary managerial functions.

The courts are equally protective of the rights of employees and employers. A courtroom is the wrong place for employees to find this out.

Here’s why: All legal challenges to decisions made exclusively on attendance, performance, and conduct are invalid. The failure to disprove evidence that a decision was based only on those factors makes claims of discrimination meritless. The mere coincidence of an employee’s race, sex, age, or any other protected status does not indicate discrimination.

The result of the Mirarchi Management Group (MMG) programs is that leaders and employees understand these facts, so that legal challenges are minimized.

The MMG programs provide leaders with scripts and tactics for handling a comprehensive array of employee relations issues. With these tools, they can handle these issues with sensitivity, good judgment, and high confidence. Instead of being told “what not to do,” leaders learn “what to do.” Employees get treated fairly and they perceive that they are being treated fairly. Lawsuits are then avoided rather than won.

“Good intentions” won’t keep an employer out of court; a “good faith effort” will. This includes effective policies, practical training, and active enforcement. MMG updates the policies, conducts the training, and inspires leaders to act with confidence.

“Reset the Clock,” a unique process in the MMG programs, prevents an attorney from taking something leaders did wrong in the past and using it to support legal challenges in the future. Financial assets are protected, morale stays high, and bad publicity is avoided.

The most frequent feedback from over 31,000 leaders is that they wished the program had been brought in-house much sooner. “A litigation-free future is a by-product of well-developed employee relations skills,” Mike says, founder of MMG.

More information can be found at www.resetclock.com.

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