Newly launched magazine “TAP-IN” highlights success stories of women entrepreneurs to inspire more women business leaders

TAP-IN is a new quarterly magazine by top entrepreneur and networking specialist Tandra Price. It aims to empower, guide, and inspire women entrepreneurs with motivating business success stories including, resources, tips, and expert networking strategies.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – May 10, 2021 – Great news for aspiring women entrepreneurs looking for powerful motivation to elevate their business to new heights. A newly launched online magazine, TAP-IN has debuted this month with 28 glorious business success stories of female entrepreneurs to inspire and guide women entrepreneurs worldwide to make it big in their ventures. The latest magazine is the brainchild of leading entrepreneur and networking specialist Tandra Price. 

“It’s an exciting moment for me to announce the launch of my latest online magazine this month, TAP-IN. By a woman entrepreneur for women entrepreneurs, the magazine is driven by the ethos of ‘Win and Let Others Win Too.’ I believe if one person wins, we all win and that’s the exact spirit our readers are going to witness in this exclusive edition of TAP-IN,” stated Tandra Price.

TAP-IN is bustling with real-life success stories of 28 brilliant women entrepreneurs who are the living examples of triumph despite adversities. The first story accounts the journey of Tiffany Bell, a young girl, adopted, from North Myrtle Beach who grew up to be a leading entrepreneur with internationally best-selling books, a famous speaker, and the co-director of one of the top 10 conference platforms for professional women. Then, there is the inspirational story of the brave Dr. h.c. Lotus Riché inspires with her heroic accounts of surviving child sexual abuse, two serious accidents and finally making it big as a top transformation strategist. On the other hand, the story of B. Jacqueline Jeter (Founder of Grow Lead and Prosper) brings to life the old adage that when one door closes another opens up. 

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Along with these three successful entrepreneurs today, TAP-IN has documented stories of many other inspiring women entrepreneurs as well who have been able to make a mark in a wide range of industries, ranging from the culinary arts  to interior design to health and so on. 

“The vision behind the magazine is to elevate the maxim of women promoting other women on their entrepreneurship journey. Women are powerful, they can achieve anything they set their minds to but they can achieve much more when they are committed to helping each other instead of focusing solely on individual development. TAP-IN aspires to promote and celebrate women who want to grow and make a difference, try new ideas, endure new challenges, and collaborate with others looking to connect with other brilliant women on similar journeys,” explained Price.

She stressed that she is dedicated to redefining the contemporary space of networking for the better.  

“We can re-innovate the art of networking where we aim for a pragmatic, safe, and truly collaborative networking space where women entrepreneurs will duly help other sister entrepreneurs elevate themselves and expand their scope of business. The opportunities are endless-and it’s time to shine the spotlight and roll out the red carpet to lift up the next woman who is looking to create her footprint and leave a legacy for the next generation to build a powerful network for years to come.”

TAP-IN will be released on a quarterly basis.

About Tandra Price:

Fondly dubbed as “The Networking Ninja,” Tandra Price is a top woman entrepreneur, author, accountability coach, and networking specialist who has helped several entrepreneurs leverage their network and scale their business to new heights. Aimed to bring a new meaning to women empowerment, Price is dedicated to connect women globally and support them with significant resources, tips and strategies that will monetize their businesses and increase revenue. She has been widely covered by leading media outlets, including the likes of NBC, ABC, and FOX Blast, Radio, and much more. 

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“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar 

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