MusMe: The App to Find the Videos Soundtrack

MusMe: The App to Find the Videos Soundtrack

MusMe Music App
TwinsMusic Enterprises Launches a Royalty-free Music App

NY-based artist management and publishing company TwinsMusic Enterprises created the beta version of its own royalty-free music library, MusMe, and launched their website app on May 1. MusMe is an affordable subscription-based music library that features original music, sound bites, ringtones, and sound effects for small content creators. The goal of the MusMe team is to provide more opportunities for small content creators to have direct access to exciting and new royalty-free music, without breaking the bank. What sets MusMe apart from other music libraries is that all music within the library is acoustic original music. The MusMe team categorizes the library by moods, based upon the tempo of the song or soundbite. This allows for a seamless user experience when choosing what songs to use for a particular project.

One of its composers, Antonio Ciacca, has been a major source of original music that has been custom-made for the MusMe library. With the launch of the MusMe app, it will open the door to other composers interested in showcasing their own music on the MusMe platform. MusMe’s relative advantage is significant (most competitors offer content. for which they do not display the composer’s name), while MusMe works as a platform that helps both musicians and content creators. Furthermore, it benefits the TwinsMusic Enterprises brand to engage with new musicians in the region and work with them.

MusMe offers a flat subscription rate of $60/year, which grants users access to the entire music library of sounds. It also offers an unlimited download option, which subscribers can take advantage of at any time during the subscription period. Unlike other music libraries, MusMe dedicates its time to retain a simple subscription format that appeals to a new audience of listeners and content creators.

MusMe is beneficial to both content creators and artists. The library allows artists, like Ciacca, to capitalize on and market their music. For small content creators and student producers, MusMe is a great way to get unique, original, and quality royalty-free music. Organized by moods, the MusMe sound library is set up so users can easily find what they are looking for. There is even a pre-listen option on the TwinsMusic store for all music and sounds so users know what music they are getting. Each month, the MusMe team updates the library with refreshing new music and sounds so users will never run out of fresh and exciting content!

The first thing to do if users want to be a part of MusMe is to subscribe on our TwinsMusic Website Store. Once the users subscribe, they will have access to, the new landing page website for where they can create their own account and download the music that they like. Every month, TwinsMusic uploads new playlist videos on its YouTube channel, showcasing different artists and music. TwinsMusic also makes it easy to allow other musicians to get their music licensed and in the MusMe catalog.

To learn more about TwinsMusic’s new app MusMe, send an email to [email protected] and get an instant response on how to apply.

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