Stridewell Announces Same Day Pain Diagnosis for Auto Accident Victims

Stridewell has announced that the clinic will schedule a same-day diagnosis for people who have been in an accident, during which the doctors will set up a treatment plan.

Stridewell bills itself as a same-day clinic specializing in pain and injuries often suffered by car accident victims. The clinic announced that accident victims, regardless of how minor the accident, will now be able to schedule a same-day diagnosis of the issues. During the initial visit, the doctors will diagnose the reason behind the pain and then chart out a treatment plan for long-term relief. 

It’s common for people who have been in a car accident to report instances of acute pain, which can last for weeks, if not sometimes months. Some of the most common injuries caused by car accidents in the US include neck pain, whiplash, headaches, joint injuries and back pain. People who experience pain after a car accident should seek out medical attention soon after the accident has occurred. However, many clinics may not be able to schedule a visit immediately, which is why some people may end up seeing a doctor weeks later.

Fortunately, leading clinics like Stridewell can schedule a visit on the same day as well as design a personalized treatment plan. Seeing the right doctor right away makes it much easier to get over most types of pain in the shortest time. Stridewell’s team of dedicated specialists, specialize in car accident or auto accident-related treatments. The clinic’s doctors can diagnose most issues ASAP and set up an effective treatment plan accordingly.  Readers can find out more about Stridewell Same Day Clinic by visiting the clinic’s official website at

“Car accidents can lead to many different types of pain. However, much of the pain, if diagnosed can be treated early on, and can ensure permanent relief. That’s why we offer same-day diagnosis and the ability for car accident victims to schedule a visit right away. By being able to examine a person’s injuries within sometimes a few hours of an accident, we can find out what part of their body is causing the pain and schedule a course of treatment accordingly.” Said a spokesperson for Stridewell Same Day Clinic.  She added, “We urge car accident victims to book an appointment right away, which can easily be done by calling us. This one crucial step will ensure long-term pain relief.” 

About Stridewell Same Day Clinic:

Car accidents can be a shocking and blind-siding life experience. The pain, both physically and emotionally is not something you are always prepared for. Stridewell is unique because it is a specialty clinic of certified physicians that are dedicated to diagnosing and providing treatment plans for motor vehicle accident patients. The clinic has a team of specialists consisting of a pain management specialist, orthopedic surgeon, and a spine surgeon, eliminating the need for people to see each professional individually and often in separate clinics. We provide the resources and expertise you need all under one roof.

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