Episode 150 of #thePOZcast Discusses the New Workplace with Joe Mullings

Episode 150 of #thePOZcast Discusses the New Workplace with Joe Mullings

The POZcast with Adam Posner features Joe Mullings
How Talent Access and Hiring Will Change After the Pandemic

In this episode, Joe Mullings and Adam Posner discuss the future of Talent Access and The New Workplace, and how hiring practices are changing.

May 11, 2021 – New York, NY – Joe Mullings and Adam Posner sat down to discuss the future of Talent Access and The New Workplace. The 150th episode of #thePOZcast became an organic conversation about how many strong companies will emerge from the pandemic quicker and stronger than ever before. Further, there was a discussion of how hiring practices are changing – and how employers must adapt effectively.

Joe Mullings shared a significant amount of insight as Chairman & CEO of the Mullings Group. With over 30 years of experience in Talent Access and Career Development, the company has worked with over 600 different companies, many of which are multi-billion-dollar corporations.

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Adam Posner, the host of #thePOZcast, focused heavily on recruitment throughout the conversation with Joe Mullings.

One of the most meaningful things that Posner acknowledged was a conversation had with Mullings in May of last year just as the pandemic was starting to impact businesses. Mullings explained that businesses have a choice. They can curl up in a ball and die or they can grab this thing and own it.

Now, a year later, businesses have to continue to apply the same principles. Those that are strong and trustworthy will emerge more successfully. You add value to the clients so that “when we come out of this, you will be at the top of the list.” And Posner pointed out that is what’s happening now.

As businesses are reopening and people are looking to get working again, recruiting is changing. Candidate pools are opening up. It’s no longer a focus on a certain geography. It’s open to anywhere in the country – and that’s because of not only teleworking but also people deciding if they’re willing to move for the right job.

Mullings weighs in by saying that it’s “survival mode” right now. Categories doing the most hiring are software, firmware, and communications because they’re seeing explosive growth. The food and beverage industry is still doing what they’re doing. However, 80 percent of the GDP in the U.S. has a service arm – and that means that call centers demand software development that demands firmware development. And it doesn’t take living in Silicon Valley to get hired by these companies any longer.

With living in one area and working in another comes the conflict of compensation. The cost of living may be higher when the job is based in San Francisco but a person is living in the middle of the country. This is when, as Posner points out, that it will result in the decentralization of available talent. People will be paid based on the talent pool not the cost of living.

Companies will pay for the right talent. And, there’s also an understanding of culture and personalities. Some people want to work in the offices because they want the camaraderie.

There has to be a choice. Mullings warns that companies will lose talent if they try to force people back into the offices. And the companies that don’t evolve may end up with other problems, including having to pay for the expensive real estate. That kind of expense has to be justified now – and many companies will struggle with that justification.

Hiring based on culture is critical, and Mullings doesn’t believe that technology will ever replace the culture. Instead, recruiters have to depend on technology as a resource. Mullings recommends that interviews should start by giving the interviewee the benefit of the doubt so that unconscious bias is muted. Further, a candidate’s personal life will become the future of hiring to focus on hobbies, a typical day in family activities, and more. Why? To ensure a cultural fit into the workplace and to determine whether a person has the means to telework or if they’d be more successful in the office with others around them.

Throughout the podcast, a number of important topics are brought up between Posner and Mullings. Over the span of 37 minutes, they discuss not only talent access but the redistribution of workers and schedules, engagement, branding, and more.

The pandemic has shifted the control and both Posner and Mullings are aware of the changes. The POZcast shares the insight of two industry professionals ensuring that companies of all sizes understand how to make shifts to prepare for the new trends emerging in the way in which staff is hired and trained in the workplace.


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