Precious Stones Specialist Anthony Moati Finds Gems Around The World

Precious Stones Specialist Anthony Moati Finds Gems Around The World

Every precious stone is unique in its own way. Many people are fascinated by gems because their beautiful appearance reminds them of that glossy surface on a body of water. Every gem has a unique story to tell, many having a history that is just as interesting as the person looking to buy it. While many people love their gems, they really have no idea where they come from.

These precious stones are more than just a pretty colorful rock. While they may make a person feel like royalty, gems are one of a kind. Anyone who is lucky to have one in their possession may be wondering where they came from and how they were produced.

The Precious Stones Specialist Who Makes The Beauty Happen

Many people wonder where these gems come from and it’s more hands-on than they ever imagined. Anthony Moati is a precious stones specialist who travels the world in order to find the most beautiful gems. He has a hard-working team by his side, and together they scavenge through all the world’s producing mines to find some of the most unique stones.

This team of specialists has a particular eye for detail, and they are able to spot some of the world’s most precious stones no matter where they go.

Anthony Moati is an expert at the process of manufacturing and creating exquisite designs out of these precious stones. They treat every stone with the utmost care to make sure the recipient has a unique treasure. In his lapidary workshop, Anthony and his team cut valuable stones to ship to prestigious customers all over the world. 

For his company Gemsgate, he goes directly to the mines in person to collect the most beautiful gems having their unique sized designs created in 3D so that each stone has a perfect shine. The advanced technology used to identify each of the stones without any possibility of errors (Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy) in order to guarantee 100% the originality of the products sold; guaranteeing the traceability of each stone and fair trade with the producers of each country.

Moreover; the links that Anthony maintains with the largest gemological laboratories in the world are: GIA, SSEF, GRS, GÜBELIN, AIGS …

Beautiful Gems Found All Over The World

Anthony Moati runs a personal blog called Gemsgate Madagascar on Instagram where interested buyers can view the selection of unique precious stones. Each gem has a different shape and shade, making them all exquisite in their own special way. 

Anthony is one of the greatest precious stone specialists in the world and has found stones in all shades of the rainbow. To see more, visit his Instagram at and his website at

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