BlockSurvey unveils secure survey tool built on blockchain

With data privacy and security crucial to maintaining digital autonomy, BlockSurvey has unveiled a unique survey approach that uses blockchain technology in implementing private, secure, and anonymous surveys

“Security and privacy in forms and surveys are critical. Having a privacy-focused approach to surveying could lead to making better decisions, thereby benefiting all the players involved in the process,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

For data collectors, BlockSurvey guarantees end–to–end encryption to their responses that only they can access. 

On the other hand, for data providers, BlockSurvey assures that when they share answers online, they are not sharing their identity too. 

BlockSurvey said it launched the tool in response to cyberattacks that are on an unprecedented rise, as well as the steady decrease in the public’s confidence and trust in surveys, polls, or information sharing online.

In the wake of several issues with the existing survey tools, the company has developed a distinct survey method that uses Stacks Blockchain for identity, auth, and storage management. 

“This is the core working system that enables true ownership of the identity and data for you,” the representative stressed.

Among the top features offered by BlockSurvey include advanced analytics, smooth surveying experience, elegant design themes with end-to-end encryption.

“Remember, you are in complete control of your identity and data all the time. This is your digital rights. You get a unique identity and private storage (GAIA),” the representative stressed. “You have your keys for your identity and storage. You own it, and only you can access it.”

BlockSurvey said data collectors could create secure surveys and forms from scratch or use its templates to get started. By default, all their surveys and forms are encrypted and stored privately in their storage.

Surveys and forms are accessible by URL to the public only when they are published. 

“Today, you can distribute them in many ways using BlockSurvey like Web URL, QR Code, Widgets. etc. You can also use your own domain to share for branding,” the representative explained.

Encrypted surveys and forms have zero trackers, zero cookies, and zero fingerprints. The respondents or data providers can remain anonymous by default unless they choose to disclose their identity in the form voluntarily by filling it.

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