BankOnIP Patent Owner Invents The Ecoberry

Stilwell, KS – May 12, 2021 – BankOnIP, a leading intellectual property broker, announced today The Ecoberry™. Ecoberry™ is an automated system that shoppers can use for quick pick-ups at the grocery store. Shoppers may order items from dry goods, produce, refrigerated and frozen sections of the market, and robotics are used to extract items from shelves, send to a conveyor belt, through a scanning system, bagged, and made ready for patron pick-up.

Shopping can be done online, through an app, or in person. This 5-minute grocery shopping experience will be a great convenience for all shoppers who have limited time for grocery shopping. This ecosystem eliminates the need for customers to set appointments to pick up their groceries.


Special Features:

• New eco-system designed for grocery retailers

• Computers manages entire system

• Automated shelving system

• Attached robots move to select products

• Robotic arms move product to conveyors

• Compatible with conveyors and automated checkouts

• Quick and easy to set up

• Perfect for micro-fulfillment centers

• Customers order online, through app, or in person

• Shelves have cooling capability

• Shelves accommodate different types of items: chilled, frozen, bulk, and produce

• Picks and sorts quickly – orders ready in 5 minutes

• Assembles 72-96 orders per hour

• Customers may pick up in drive-through area

• Safe method of shopping


Ecoberry™ is an automated ecosystem for online grocery shoppers or omnichannel grocery shoppers. Shelving units contain robots that move from side-to-side, selecting requested grocery items from a shopper’s list. Robots have detachable, extendable tooling (i.e. end effectors) that allows different types of products to be selected and moved onto a conveyor belt. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the items are selected and/or sorted. The conveyor belt sends the selected items through an automated checking system or cashier station, where the groceries are bagged and moved to a pickup location.

A computer system is used to operate the robots, fill grocery orders, and keep inventory. The generous shelves hold multiple items, and multiple shelving units are used to hold different types of items for shoppers to select.

Ecoberry™ system works efficiently for micro-fulfillment centers and works well with existing conveyors and automated check-out scanners. The robots are attached inside the back doors (or other locations) of the shelving units, which contain both open shelves and some with doors, and the doors can be opened for re-stocking.

In other versions of the shelving, robots are attached to the ceiling and travel easily to different levels of the shelves. Shelving units are large and hold enough items to fill multiple grocery orders. The color-coding system is used to separate filled orders and enables employees and customers to find their orders with ease.

The color-coded system is also used to help customers easily identify a pick-up or drive-through lane.

Materials Needed to Produce

The Ecoberry™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: US 10,611,570

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