Nexvoo Debuts World’s First Smart Chair Monitors Vitals To Help Take Control Of Health

Nexvoo’s Smart Chair combines a sleek ergonomic design with a built-in health monitor to track your heart rate variability, blood oxygen level and fatigue index.

Today, leading consumer health company Nexvoo introduced the world’s first smart chair today that features a built-in health monitor to track key vitals including heart rate variability (HRV), blood oxygen level, and fatigue index.

“As working and learning remotely continue in the U.S., Nexvoo designed an affordable Smart Chair that combines ergonomic design, smart technology and health measurements to effortlessly monitor health and wellness,” said John Gayman, President of Nexvoo. “By simply sitting in Nexvoo’s Smart Chair, users can be kept informed of heart rate variability, which is a great tool to help understand how to respond to stress healthily.”


Nexvoo’s Smart Chair syncs with the app to instantly monitor heart rate variability and blood oxygen level, which can be a sign of possible fatigue. Studies have shown that a low HRV may be a sign of depression, anxiety and cardiovascular disease. When incorporating mindfulness, sleep, proper diet and physical activity into life, people will see how their HRV changes – making them more resilient to stress.

Nexvoo’s Smart Chair also tracks blood oxygen level which can keep users apprised of any potential health complications, including COVID-19. When COVID-19 enters the body through the respiratory system, it can negatively impact how well oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream. At times, a person with COVID-19 can have very low oxygen levels but otherwise appear healthy. Normal oxygen levels in the blood should be between 95 – 100 percent. By monitoring vitals through Nexvoo’s Smart Chair, people can receive early warning signs of any potentially harmful health risks before they become serious.


During the pandemic, people were quickly forced into working at home in uncomfortable conditions that left shoulders and back achy and tense. In the U.S., back pain was costing at least $50 billion in health care costs with lost wages and decreased productivity totaling more than $100 billion.¹ The notifications remind users that it’s time to stand up, stretch and walk which can improve work productivity and increase efficiency throughout the day. The ergonomic design chair can definitely reduce back pain risk. It could also monitor user’s fatigue index, which lets them know when they may need to take a break and return to work when they’re feeling more energized.
Nexvoo’s Smart Chair’s ergonomic design is inspired by the movement of the spine, and helps reduce tension in the head, shoulders, neck and back. Its adjustable headrest, armrest and backrest allow people to customize their comfort and the breathable mesh material keeps users cool and comfortable all day. The lumbar support and firm seat help relieve spinal pressure, improving the way people sit and work.

Available in black and blue, the Nexvoo Smart Chair retails for $479 and is available now with a launching price of $379 at

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