Groupbook Provides a Communication and Collaboration Platform for All Groups to Safely Come Together

Built from the Group down versus the Individual up, Groupbook is Game-Changer.

Groupbook, a new Communication and Collaboration Platform, provides Organizations the ability to come together safely and virtually online. “Groupbook is unique in that we provide a safe space online where organizations as large as schools or as small as an immediate family can come together online without all of the background noise” states Sam Johnson, CEO and Founder of Groupbook.

The need to communicate and collaborate has always been the core need of all Communities. Groupbook recognized other platforms were unable to provide a safe space for Groups due to the viral nature of Social Media. The solution was to change the infrastructure from the Individual up to the Group down.

Groupbook’s unique infrastructure took over 4 years to create. It allows an Organization to create an infinite number of interrelationships between “Groups” within their constituency. The Organization can bring Members to any combination of subgroups or to an individual subgroup. It can empower “Leaders” within these groups to control posts, privacy, and permissions and to foster interaction and productivity.

These Member-Users can also join and participate as many other special interest groups as they can imagine – outside of the hierarchy of their core Organization. They can even create their own groups – such a family unit where the family’s history, stories, recipes, photos and important documents can be privately and securely saved and shared. And at Groupbook, all group interactions can be conducted in a virtual atmosphere free from the pollution of trolls and background noise.

Groupbook’s complex underlying infrastructure remains invisible to the end users. They only need to join a Group. The clean, simple and intuitive Member-User interface allows the end- user to enjoy the platform’s benefits without having to build anything. To the end user it feels more like a social media platform without the harassment and interference encountered on other platforms.

“The platform is particularly suited to Non-Profits that want a safe location for their constituents to share information, to receive announcements, guidance and input. They can instantly separate their divergent stakeholders – their general population, administrators, donors, paid staff, volunteers, board members and program directors into distinct “Groups – each with ability to communicate and interact internally and then instantly return to interaction with the whole.

“The platform is powerful” states Sam. “We can provide a safe, incredibly productive place for communication and collaboration for any group at Groupbook.”

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