Patrick O’Rahilly, CEO and Founder of FactoryFix Featured in MoldMaking Technology

Patrick O’Rahilly, CEO and Founder of FactoryFix Featured in MoldMaking Technology

Patrick O’Rahilly, CEO and Founder of FactoryFix, an online platform which matches vetted manufacturing workers with companies seeking specific skill sets was recently feature in MoldMaking Technology magazine. O’Rahilly was interviewed by manufacturing journalist, TR Cutler and discussed how this platform sets a new standard in how small to mid-sized moldmakers hire talent across the U.S. Read the full article here.

O’Rahilly shared, “Because of the high skill and intense labor involved, much of the US’s moldmaking had been outsourced to low-wage countries pre-COVID. The majority of plastic and rubber parts that exist are being reshored to North America. Having a deep pool of qualified, trained, and experienced candidates are essential. The vetting process of moldmaking candidates is vital when aligning appropriate skillsets with each position’s demands in the industry.”

MoldMaking Technology addresses the complete lifecycle of the manufacture and maintenance of a mold — from design to first shot — by providing solutions and strategies to moldmaking professionals.


FACTORY MADE is a 6-episode comedy series set in an operational factory, where the FactoryFix platform plays a character alongside some of today’s top American comedian talent. This first-of-a-kind programming will attract the entire manufacturing industry, as it takes place in a food production facility and takes on the issues facing small to mid-sized US manufacturing companies. The industry has never had content like this, custom-built for them, created as a stand-alone comedy show with high production value and recognizable actors.

FACTORY MADE will live exclusively on the FactoryFix YouTube channel, with the first episode dropping in mid-June. Subscribe to see it first:

About FactoryFix:

FactoryFix is a recruiting platform that connects manufacturers to vetted, skilled workers. The platform’s purpose is two-fold: 1) to help companies with hiring by providing access to a unique talent pool, vetting applicants, providing salary insights, generating job listings, and other tools to streamline the process. 2) It also allows job seekers to create profiles to easily find employers that fit their skill-sets, thus maximizing their earning potential.

Companies that engage in an annual subscription are guaranteed qualified workers for their open positions. Some of the most popular jobs on FactoryFix include operator, maintenance, welding, machining, and automation roles. Explore more than 250,000 jobs on the most robust US Manufacturing job board today:

Few hiring solutions offer quantifiable success rates in matching top talent to positions with the appropriate skill sets. Only through a robust platform that incorporates deeper-level matching can hiring efficiency be measured and maximized.

The results are clear, FactoryFix customers are benefiting from:

  • At least 50% reduction in overall cost per hire
  • 4 times faster to fill positions than traditional staffing
  • 10 times more qualified candidates than posting on a job board

FactoryFix guarantees a total number of hires per year to ensure that customers meet their desired cost-per-hire target. The company recently introduced a 3-directional chat service, TalentText, to further expedite the hiring process.

Request a demo. Connect with FactoryFix on LinkedIn.

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