Workout On the Go with REVEL LIVE and ON-DEMAND

REVEL offers a selection of workouts and modalities from premium powerhouse brands.

Working out at home can be quite demotivating and daunting for many people. Even gym-goers and people who have consistently lived an active lifestyle prior to the lockdowns have been struggling with the sudden shift to home workouts.

Without the usual gym environment where there are coaches and friends giving that extra push and the freedom of enjoying the great outdoors, many people have found themselves feeling stuck in a training or even progress rut – and fitness has been put on the back burner.

At a time like this, it helps to focus more on bringing back the motivation or drive to workout and work on one’s fitness rather than seeing physical progress. This is the exact approach REVEL Fitness Group decided to take in launching its digital fitness platform REVEL LIVE and ON-DEMAND.

REVEL offers a selection of workouts and modalities from premium powerhouse brands like Spin Society, Hustle, The Lu Method, and The Studio. It has fiercely motivating coaches to guide individual workouts and curated programs built with one’s fitness journey in mind. REVEL understands that every person’s body, mood, and preferences when it comes to fitness are different, which is why they decided to offer a variety of workouts to choose from – indoor cycling, yoga, bootcamp, spin society, hustle fitness, and HIIT, among others.

REVEL’s approach is simple: it’s to give the people what they want – more fun and less focus on results, more about feeling good and less about losing weight, treating people like human beings and not dollar signs, instructing with genuine, authentic smiles, engaging and asking to know a little more about their motivations, and making them feel confident and powerful to stay on track with their online fitness journey.

At REVEL, members are enabled and empowered to feel stronger, happier and healthier by living a balanced lifestyle via a community that is intimately engaged in providing a “no judgement” space to achieve transformations through sweat.

“Movement is medicine. Do not ever doubt for one minute what you’re capable of when you choose to just keep moving,” says the team behind REVEL.

REVEL is currently offering a one-time promo, calling the first month free when the code FREEREVEL is used upon signing up for any of its monthly subscriptions. This promo will run until December 31, 2021.

More information about REVEL Fitness Group and their LIVE + ON-DEMAND workouts can be found at


REVEL is a fitness journey for both beginners and experts to enjoy. Brought by powerhouse brands like Spin Society, Hustle, and the Lu Method, it allows anyone to workout anywhere, anytime with its LIVE and ON-DEMAND classes, which can be streamed and downloaded on one’s favorite devices.

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