Finopack Delivers State of the Art Automatic Packaging Solutions to Thousands of Customers Around the World

Hefei, China – Finopack, an international manufacturer of automatic packaging lines, is committed to providing complete packaging solutions, including feeding systems, precision weighing systems, fully automatic bagging systems, vertical form fill and seal VFFS packaging systems, secondary packaging systems, conveying systems, palletizing line systems, pallet protection systems, and beyond. Finopack proudly offers their services to thousands of customers around the world. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and forward-looking innovation, Finopack works tirelessly to improve their existing solutions while ensuring they can provide the most intelligent, up-to-date new ones.

Finopack specializes in intelligent manufacturing systems, expertly handling their design, manufacture, sale, and after service. Different industries, including but not limited to the food, chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and feed industries, rely on Finopack’s solutions to keep their production efforts running and their customers happy.

Finopack operates with three manufacturing plants in Jiangsu and Anhui as well as service teams in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. The Finopack team offers all services relevant to automatic packaging lines, including machine assembly, start-up, and after-sales service. Finopack was founded in 2010. Since then, the Fionpack team has grown to include many professional and technical personnel, allowing them to deliver on their mission, provide products and services that are catered to the unique needs of each customer, and design and distribute the best possible packaging solutions.

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As a packaging machine manufacturer, Finopack’s only goal is to enhance the automation degree of packaging production lines, improve production efficiency, and create more value for users. From feeding systems to conveyor systems to the packing machine to the palletizer system, Finopack has several fully automatic packaging machine lines that can meet any customer’s needs. Finopack proudly serves global clients across many industries.

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