Configure One announces 11.89 CPQ release with Enhanced Guided Selling

Configure One announces 11.89 CPQ release with Enhanced Guided Selling

Oak Brook, IL – Configure One is pleased to announce the 11.89 release of their CPQ software! Highly anticipated for the addition of Enhanced Guided Selling, a new React Projects Dashboard, GraphQL Mutations API, and 3D CAD Viewer for SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, resulting in a major leap in customer experience.

“I’m excited for the release of version 11.89,” said Kiana Mostajabian, Product Owner at Configure One. “This release builds strong foundations for the next generation of the Configure One Platform. By building an innovative tech stack through GraphQL and React technologies, we continue to increase data knowledge while also making the app easy to use and the data easily accessible and extensible. The ability to visualize data quickly and integrate seamlessly into other business systems is key for future innovation.”

Enhanced Guided Selling

The new enhanced guided selling experience enables customers to find the perfect product based on their specific needs or use cases. This dynamic sales approach allows customers to navigate among a large set of products to easily find what they’re looking for. Guided selling interfaces can be built for internal users, as well as for external customers and partners.

Projects Dashboard Beta

The new React Projects Dashboard makes managing projects more efficient while allowing teams to effectively collaborate and boost sales. Configurations, quotes, and orders linked to a project can now be managed in a single view. Projects can be shared with others to collaboratively manage configurations, quotes, and orders.

GraphQL Mutation API Beta

Configure One’s new GraphQL Mutations API is a robust interface built on the same technology as the Configure One Query API. The beta release of this new API provides secure calls to create, update, and delete data in Configure One using the same mutations as the new React UI.

Unlike other APIs, GraphQL allows users to define the structure of the mutation result they are looking for and returns exactly what they need through a single request, enabling better performance and scalability. Configure One is proud to be the first in the industry to adapt this technology to create a better experience for their partners and collaborators.

Additional Highlights

In addition to these new features, this release also expands the 3D CAD Viewer functionality to render outputs from SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor directly in the browser without the use of any plug-ins or additional client-side software. The Cobalt theme (formerly known as the 2020 theme), is now the standard for all future releases. Last, but not least, Configure One users can now set a default currency to use throughout the CPQ process.

“For more than twenty years, Configure One has continued to put customers first by constantly listening and improving the experience thereby exceeding expectations,” said Mick McDonnell, VP of Product Development. “This release is one of our most robust so far.”

About Configure One

Configure One is an industry leader offering robust CPQ solutions targeting the needs of manufacturers across many verticals. Through innovation, automation, and expertise, Configure One creates a competitive advantage for their customers.  

Founded in 2000, Configure One’s main focus is to provide a cloud-based platform with ease of use and robust rules built in driving scalability for the ever-changing sales and manufacturing processes. The company is privately-owned and the founders take a keen interest by being involved in the day-to-day activities of the business. The company also takes pride in developing personal relationships with customers, even as they grow with evolving needs.

Configure One’s vision is to be the premier industry leader in providing exceptional solutions for businesses with sophisticated needs. The founding principles include developing a collaborative culture that inspires passion from the team. Their focus is to go above and beyond in exceeding the expectations of the customers.

Their systems are meant to minimize errors, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. Customers can make data-driven decisions by integrating existing data with the system Configure One offers. They have knowledgeable customer support to answer all the questions customers may be having.

Configure One is headquartered in Oak Brook, IL. For additional information, contact their team by calling 630-368-9950, send an email to [email protected] or visit the Configure One website. 

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