Social Media Researcher Zachdev, Launches his Book on Tech Parenting.

Zachdev provides support for parents with new eBook and Cyber Wellness posts dedicated to Tech Parenting

Over the past few years, the use of technology among children has increased. Due to the ongoing the effects of the pandemic, children spend extended periods in front of a device and on the internet. Research has shown that screen time among youth is particularly high, with recent reports suggesting that 97% of adolescents engage with media daily, averaging nearly nine hours per day across all devices. The digital era means that parents must adapt to meet the needs of their children adequately. That’s why tech parenting has become such an important concept and necessary skill. 

Social media and technology services provider, Zachdev has seen the need to help parents navigate the digital landscape with a new eBook. The book titled Tech Parenting: Guide, Communicate and Discover seeks to help parents in the digital era handle challenges they encounter in the parenting process. “Parenting in the digital age is not about limiting your child’s internet exposure. The management of your child’s participation in the digital world is part of the modern life transformation that brings in a new chapter called Tech Parenting,” states Zachdev, author of the book.

Readers of the eBook, which is also available as an audiobook, can expect summarized and informative chapters that will help them understand the importance of developing the mentality of tech parenting. There will also be activity sheets available for children to reflect on their online discoveries and help parents understand their child’s perspective and the challenges they face online. Chapters include “Social Media Wellness,” “Cyber Bullying Education” and “Social Anxiety Management.”

In addition to the eBook, Zachdev also has a Cyber Wellness page with shorter articles curated to help parents guide their children online. The posts cover topics such as tech fatigue among children, dealing with online racism, and even how parents can handle the fact that their children are better at technology than them.The book and articles aim to fill a gap in the tech industry that doesn’t get a lot of attention. They seek to analyze a child’s current situation and provide some relevant recommendations to help parents observe their child’s behavior. Through the articles, parents get updates on trending topics which may act as an excellent conversation starter with their children.

Zachdev is a Social Media Researcher from Singapore who is also known as Paul Benedict Zachariah. He is an entrepreneur in the technology industry and the founder of Zachdev Services. He has years of experience in social media research and management and has collaborated with digital experts worldwide for various research projects, including research on private edutainment. With industry experts like Vincent Oct from Australia, Kai Sebastian from Taiwan, and Sarah Megan from New Zealand, Zachdev Services has successfully expanded its operations into the Americas, Oceania, and ASEAN region.

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