George Jerome Announces Emberology Systems That Maximizes Water Efficiency to Prevent Fire Embers from Igniting Surfaces

Inventor and Engineer George Jerome and his team are introducing a unique and innovative firefighting system, Emberology that detects wildfires and prevents embers from spreading using minimal water resources

Global warming leads to extreme weather conditions like storms, tornadoes, flooding, and wildfires. Traditionally, wildfires are fought using water, but local water supplies and resources are quickly maxed out, jeopardizing firefighting efforts.

George Jerome and his team are proud to announce the Emberology invention for preventing wildfires from destroying properties and risking lives. The system uses dramatically less water when targeting flying embers that ignite surfaces.

Emberology is applicable for households, at-risk structures, commercial buildings, and other spaces prone to wildfires. It will help reduce the cost of putting out fires and increase efficiency for firefighters and fire prevention installations in buildings.

The embryology team is seeking funding and/or grants to complete the project’s development, build a manufacturing plant, and execute marketing and promotion.

Emberology is founded and managed by a seasoned inventor and visionary, George Jerome. He received his BSEE from UCLA in 1966 and has completed more than 750 projects over his career. In 1981 he became a professional inventor after selling rights to his first patent.

George came up with the idea of emberology during his retirement after spending months doing research on how embers work and trying to find a better way to quench them. Embers are the leading cause of fires, and his new invention will help change history by finding ways to manage them adequately.

Emberology is a unique fire solution based on the efficient utilization of water resources. Traditional fire prevention systems involve using water to flood an entire space and prevent embers from igniting. But this concept is not sustainable as water is quickly used up, reducing the possibility of getting fires under control. Embryology can easily detect an approaching wildfire and use water judiciously so that the supply isn’t drained.

Reducing the use of water ensures there is more available and enough to cover a larger area. Firefighters will also benefit because they will use less energy and resources to subdue the fire and get a positive result. Using less water for firefighting is eco-friendly and will contribute immensely to the survival of the planet. The government will also save money they budget on firefighting.

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About Emberology

Emberology is a unique firefighting system that utilizes less water in preventing embers from igniting. The system was introduced by an inventor and engineer who has many years of experience in innovatively solving problems. The application is bound to change the history of firefighting and fire prevention installations forever.

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