Restoration Services Growth Kit becomes the go-to lead generation partner for restoration companies

Restoration Services Growth Kit utilizes proven digital marketing formulas to fetch top quality fresh leads for restoration service companies every month.

Fortson, GA – May 20, 2021 – Finding quality leads every single month is no cakewalk and the same goes for a restoration company. However, there is some good news for restoration contractors. Restoration Services Growth Kit is helping restoration service companies find minimum 20+ new leads per month at highly affordable rates. The company has come up with proven lead generation software and digital marketing strategies that enable it to acquire high quality and highly potential leads for clients.

“You can count on us as your absolute lead generation partner if you are facing troubles lately in finding good numbers of leads. We have been working in your industry for long and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t in your space when it comes to lead generation. Yes, there are many digital marketing companies around with rosy claims but it’s hard to find a one like us that’s solely dedicated to the restoration service industry. Put simply, we have unrivalled knowledge and experience of time-tested strategies that help to run successful lead generation campaigns for restoration service contractors”, stated Nathan Mikesell, the lead spokesperson from Restoration Services Growth Kit. 

Per his statements, Restoration Services Growth Kit supports restoration service companies with comprehensive set of lead generation and marketing campaigns which would help with –

  • Top Google ranking which will lead to increasing brand awareness

  • Completely done-for-you lead generation campaigns that will immediately start sales conversions

  • Tailored customer attraction funnel customized to fit the company’s brand and convert traffic to leads

  • Booking of sales appointments into client’s company calendar

  • Auto updating of leads database to keep tab on all new sales opportunities

  • Building and management of custom integrations to ensure all systems are running seamlessly

“We are armed with proven lead generation software and digital marketing strategies which have previously helped many restoration service firms scale up their business to new heights. Moreover, we promise you highly affordable rates for our entire suite of services. Also, being a dynamic team, we make sure to keep ourselves and our strategies updated as per latest algorithms and market trends to ensure the most cutting-edge support for our clients”, noted Mr.

“Besides, we will do all the hard work for you when it comes to running lead generation and promotional campaigns on your behalf so that you can focus better on other important aspects of your restoration service business.”

While asked about service contracts, Mr. Mikesell emphasized on not binding clients into exaggerated service contracts and unnecessary penalty fees that are otherwise charged for leaving a contract mid-way. 

“Your convenience and satisfaction are the most crucial for us. If you don’t like our services, you can cancel the contract anytime- no questions asked. We are a team of action and we put the money where our mouth is.”

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