Business Coach Bassem Henri Launches Coaching Company BH Motivational and Its Wellness Wheel Talk

Many corporate leaders and individuals seek Henri’s help to improve their team’s wellness due to the fears and losses they face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bassem Henri, CEO of HR & training consultancy firm 360 Experiential Solutions, announces the launch of his new venture, BH Motivational. His new firm offers business coaching that stresses the importance of the Wellness Wheel in keeping people’s overall well-being, especially as they get their lives back on track post-pandemic. The Wellness Wheel is a tool used to maintain the holistic health of a person. It covers eight dimensions—emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial, occupational, and spiritual. These dimensions are interconnected to keep an individual’s balanced lifestyle.

“Life is a series of success and failures, ups and downs. What matters is that you keep moving forward. God gave each one of us many gifts such as health, family, work, time, mind and we need to work all our lives not just to maintain them, but to develop them further,” Henri said.

The pandemic has made a significant impact on people’s lives. Today, COVID-19 continues to leave a negative effect on the social, economic, mental, and personal well-being of many individuals and families worldwide.

Corporate leaders and individuals seek Henri’s approach as they continue to rearrange parts of their lives post-pandemic. Businesses and leaders also tap Henri’s expertise in providing inspiring keynote speeches. Among his topics include the “Secrets of Success,” “Discovering your Passion,” “Power of Marketing,” “Customer is a King,” and “Building Strong Teams.”

He also offers coaching courses in many cities worldwide. His clients also engage him to do Wellness Retreats. In his retreats, Henri gives powerful talks to people who are battling stress and depression so they can go on a life-changing journey. For more information on Henri, visit

About Bassem Henri

Bassem Henri is a motivational speaker, life coach, and wellness advocate. He has been delivering many training and public sessions in various companies in different parts of the world for over a decade through BH Motivational Speaker, one of the companies under his holding company. He is also the CEO of 360 Experiential Solutions, a company that provides training, team building, HR consultancy, and assessments.

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